Can Walk-In Tubs Offer Benefits?

Today we have the option of walk-in bathtubs when not so very long ago, people used to bathe in a huge wooden tubs that were filled with water by hand. A walk-in tub has a door that can be opened so it is easy to get in and out. Since there are so many people who are unable to step over a traditional bathtub, this is a choice that may be quite beneficial for the elderly and disabled.

Preventing Injury

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control over 200,000 people go to the emergency room each year suffering from injuries in the bathroom. Over a third of the injuries occur while showering or bathing. Oddly enough, the injuries are most often suffered by people from age 15 to 24.

The use of a door that opens in walk-in tubs allow people to step in and out rather than climbing over the side of the tub. Climbing in and out of the tub as well as standing in the tub are some of the ways people experience accidents. Walk-in tubs are generally made from a slip-resistant material, they have rails to hold onto, and the door is usually adjustable.

Walk-Ins Can Offer Other Features

The door typically opens out and some have other features such as massage jets, offering therapeutic uses as well. Another feature of some walk-in tubs is that they are compact so they do not take up a lot of space in the bathroom. However, they are deep so they provide enough room and have molded seating for sitting while taking a bath. One example of a company offering these tubs is Boca Walk-In Tubs and you can learn more here.

The walk-in tubs have hinges on the door that are specially made and the seal is air tight to prevent leaking. They are also made from different materials such as fiberglass and acrylic. The tubs are sometimes called senior or safety tubs. However, they can be used by anyone. Spas often use the tubs with jets for the relaxing feeling they offer.

resource for statistics on bathroom falls:

How Homeowners Can Save Money on Heating During Cool Weather

Electric bills can soar quickly as the colder weather sets in. In places like Washington D.C., the weather can become absolutely bone chilling during the depths of winter. Homeowners can keep control of their bills, and their thermostats, by using alternative methods of keeping warm during the colder days.

Layering Up

One of the first recommendations is to layer clothing in order to stay warm. A room can be ten degrees cooler, yet completely comfortable, when more layers of clothing are worn. This can make a very big difference in the cost of the electric or gas bill. Put thick comforters or quilts to use on beds during the night hours, as they can keep people warm even when wearing very little clothing.

Fire Up the Fireplace

The fireplace is one of the most underutilized sources of heat in many homes. If the homeowner has access to cheaply priced firewood or has lots of great timber on his or her land, the fireplace is a great way to fight through the cold temperatures. Make sure the fireplace is maintained annually with a chimney sweep Washington DC to keep it operating safely. Fireplaces that see a lot of use must be kept clean for safety reasons.

Using Solar or Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating, which focuses on water heated by the earth, is an environmentally friendly, cost effective method of heating the home. This method can also be used to cool the home during the hotter seasons, as well. Solar heating methods can be even cheaper, though. There are many different ways to capture and utilize solar energy for heat, with some clever plans involving soda cans coated with black paint. This would only capture heat during the daylight hours, making the fireplace a more popular option during the night.

Keeping the family warm during the winter does not have to be incredibly expensive. Keep the dial turned down on the central heating unit to save money, and find other frugal, creative ways to stay warm!

The Type of Upholstery Stuffing Through History

By: Thomas Quine

At the start of the 17th century, more traditional upholstery began to appear. This is due to it being fashionable for the wealthy to have luxury items in their homes such as padded chairs. The padding in the chairs was actually stuffing and comprised of a number of basic materials including animal hair, grass, sawdust and feathers. Here, The Upholstery Workshop takes us through the history of furniture stuffing.

Algerian Fibre

Algerian fibre is a type of stuffing which comes from palm grass leaves. The leaves will be shredded by a machine and then carefully dried by the sun. This is a process which can take a few months to complete. Once the fibres or strands are dry, they will be twisted to form ropes.

The natural colour of these fibres will be green, but it is often dyed black to sterilise it and remove the presence of a tiny mite which is commonly found in the fibre. Algerian fibre is a very strong material and will keep its resilience for a prolonged period of time.

Curly Black Fibre

A derivative of Coir Fibre which is found in the space between the outer skin and internal shell of the coconut, curly black fibre has been treated to create spring, strength and flexibility. This is generally used in doormats, mattresses and brushes. The availability and dexterity of this fibre have caused it to replace Algerian fibre as the first stuffing in upholstery.

Alva Marina

Alva Marina is a type of seaweed which is found along the Baltic coast and the south coast of France. The Victorians were the first people to use this as a source of filling for upholstery. However, over time, the seaweed will dry and become brittle. It will then start to break into small flakes. This is one of the reasons why it is no longer used in commercial upholstery.


The feathers that are most commonly used in upholstery are down, chopped, milled and curled feathers. Down comes from geese, ducks and swans, but the latter is now a protected species. These feathers are the undercoating found under the outer feathers. Down used to be considered the best for upholstery because it is soft and it will commonly be found in top-grade furniture and cushions.

Mill Puff

Mill Puff was a common filler for bedding and upholstery in the 18th century. Over time, inferior grades of cotton wool were used, but the name stayed the same. Cotton is produced across the United States, Europe and Australia. When the cotton is picked and collected, it will be processed and the first passing through the cotton gin separates the seed from the fibre.

At this stage, the cotton can be used for spinning and there is no wastage as the seeds will be passed through an oil mill then cleaned to remove any of the short fibres that remain. These fibres will be unsuitable for spinning and the seeds will be washed then crushed to

Buy the best washing machine in India

The days when you had to hand wash clothes are long gone. Washing machines have revolutionized how we do our laundry. If you are looking to buy a washing machine or replace the one you already have, you know that there are so many choices out there that it is hard to make a final decision.


Here are the factors you should keep in mind before buying a washing machine:


  1. Size of the family: You need to account for the size of your family. You need a bigger size washing machine if you have a huge family. A smaller capacity is fine for a couple or single people. To figure out what capacity you’ll need is to understand 1 kg = 5 shirts or 1 shirt+1 pair of jeans or 2 bath towels. Therefore you need to decide how much laundry you’re going to do at a time.


  1. Washing machine type: There are two types of washing machinesemi automatic washing machine and fully automatic washingmachine. The semi automatic has a separate washer and dryer. You have to estimate the water level, how much detergent to put in and how long to wash it for. The washing machine does not have any smart features. The fully automatic washing machine, on the other hand, is extremely smart. The top load and front load both have numerous features and options that make your life infinitely easier. The washer and dryer are not separate in the fully automatic machines. Therefore you do not have to do much except push a few buttons to get your laundry done.


  1. Available space in your house: Getting a washing machine also means having to connect inlet and outlet pipes and having adequate space for the machine. Both the semi automatic and front load are very huge machines and take up a lot of space. The top load fully automatic washing machine is very compact and does not take up a lot of space.


  1. Energy-efficient: Be aware of the running cost of the washing machine. The semi automatic does not take up a lot of power whereas the fully automatic consumes a lot more energy. Between the top load and the front load, the front load washing machine is more energy efficient. Thus, if this factor is important to you, choose a correct option.



  1. Washing machine price: The main thing that is important when it comes to buying a washing machine is the price. The semi automaticwashing machine is the cheapest of the lot. You can easily afford it even if your budget is really low. The fully automatic washingmachine is more expensive than semi automatic but ultimately save you a lot of guesswork and hard work.


  1. Washing machine online: The best place to buy a washing machine is online. Online shopping is so convenient not to mention the attractive dismounts and offers that you can avail of. Even if you want a fully automatic washing

Creating a Cohesive Master Suite


Whether your decorating style leans toward minimalistic or flamboyant, creating a décor that unites the master bedroom and master bath can enhance the beauty of your master suite. Incorporating a variety of custom design features in your master suite is an ideal way to assure that the décor elements of these two rooms complement each other.


The master bath should be decorated to encourage an atmosphere of relaxation. It is quite trendy to include spa-like features in a master bath. The inclusion of lamps and chandeliers is a popular and effective way to achieve the relaxing atmosphere you desire in the master bath. The style of lamp, the finish and the chandelier design you include in the bathroom can be the same or complementary to the lighting you have in the master bedroom.

Similarity in Décor

Custom features, such as a custom master closet and custom tile in the bathroom make your master suite a more personalized space. Custom ceramic tiles can be created to match or complement a variety of decorative elements in the master suite. You may want to have a custom glaze created for the bathroom that complements certain design elements in the bedroom. For example, the glaze could match the base of the bedroom lamps, the door and drawer hardware or be complementary to the style of furniture used in the bedroom. If you have a custom bookcase in your bedroom design, you can incorporate custom tiles like those used in the bathroom in the bookcase design. Simply using some of the custom glazed tile as wall art in the bedroom will unite the décor.

Color and Texture

Continuity in wall color will give the master suite a cohesive appearance. Using similar textures such as plush rugs or faux cowhide rugs in the bedroom and bath will help unify the décor. Including an accent chair or bench in the bathroom that matches one in the bedroom will result in impressive cohesiveness. Including a variety of matching details can make your master suite impressively beautiful.

Tips That Will Make You A Better Property Manager

Time management as a property manager is crucial. Managing it properly take a focus on completing specific tasks on a daily basis in order to run a profitable and efficient business. It can be a demanding job to accomplish. However, it can also be a very rewarding one if you figure out how to manage the property the right way. Below are some great tips for being a better property manager.

Keep Grounds Nice

One of the biggest tasks as a property manager is making sure you have people wanting to live there. To do this, you need nice apartments and the area around the complex needs to nice and look appealing. Keep grass areas cut and neat by hiring a landscaping service to maintain it. If you have any basketball courts or playgrounds, ensure they are always maintained so that residents may enjoy them all year. For any ponds or lakes you may have in the complex, hire the help of an aquatic weed management company on a annual basis to help keep it clean and looking nice. Only hire reputable companies such as the one found at

Make Lists

Like mentioned earlier, time management is crucial to managing a property effectively. To accomplish this, you can make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished. Once you have a list of all items needing to be taken care of, prioritize that list to determine which items need to be taken care of first and foremost. You should include as many things on your list as possible to ensure no task gets forgotten. Additionally, it is more efficient to stick to one task at a time. It can be too easy to get side-tracked and start a new project before finishing the one you are on.

As can be seen, there are a lot of demanding tasks to take care of when you are a property manager for an apartment complex. These listed tips are just a couple of the many that you could use for effective management.

Set up Your room for New Carpet Properly

There are numerous approaches to enhance your home, you can do make over and redesign your entire home or you can change a part of your home and improve the environment of your home. The most well known decision you can make when improving and renovating your house is by replacing old carpet or install a new carpet for your home. Generally, you need to swap your old carpet for at least 15 years. When you think that it is the right time to replace your old carpet or it is the perfect time to install carpet flooring into your home, you will need to remove and clean your room by calling old furniture disposal service and set up the carpet before install them. Today, I will give you an orderly guide on the best way to set up your deck before introduce carpet.

The first step is clean your old ground surface or remove your old carpet. You will need to remove any furniture on the room and clear that room. You have to get storage room to hold your furniture if you are changing floor surface for whole home. Make sure to clean your carpet appropriately using vacuum, because carpet can be dusty when you remove them. At that point, you can hire installer to remove your old flooring surface, for example, old carpet, tile or hardwood flooring to prepare for new carpet. I propose you to remove any door that open into your room, to guarantee that the process will runs smoothly.

The next step is checking the installer and affirms them about the task that needs to be carried out. Provide brief instructions before you let the installer do their work. Along  these  lines, you will have the capacity to minimize any misunderstanding between of you and the installer.

You have to perform maintenance for your carpet regularly, to guarantee that your carpet are perfect, hygienic and have a good smell, otherwise dirty and smelly carpet is not good for your family wellbeing. Since there are relatively few individuals understand how to clean carpet properly.

The next step to clean carpet on your home is by mix laundry powder with some water and mixes them with clothes. Verify that you pick a laundry powder detergent that won’t damaging your carpet and environment friendly. I prescribe you to pick powder laundry detergent that has perfume on it to evacuate foul odor on your carpet.

The following step is preparing another vacuum cleaner bag for your cleaning activity. Another vacuum cleaner bag will guarantee that you won’t leave any dirt or dust particles behind. For the best result, vacuum your carpet twice furthermore vacuum your carpet in different directions to clean your carpet properly.

The following step is utilization material damped with powder laundry to clean hardly uprooted stain. You will need to wipe gradually to guarantee that the stain or dirt on the carpet is evacuated. Make a point to Scour in different bearing and rehash the

Good Credit Can Help You When Renting

Are you trying to build good credit? How can good credit affect you and your business? Do you need to open a bad credit merchant account? Just read this article and you’ll get answers to your questions.

Building Credit for a Bad Credit Merchant Account

Building credit gives you new and better opportunities. Those who have poor credit get some restrictions and face some challenges. Today, in all areas of life, credit history plays an important role when it comes to your reliability and trustworthiness.

Nowadays, many companies check credit even as part of their hiring process. Good credit can be of special importance and help for first-time renters. With good credit, you have better chances to get approved. However, this doesn’t mean that those who have poor credit have no chances of approval.

As for renting, if you have a good credit score, even if you haven’t rented before, this means you’ve handled your finances well and you’re responsible. This is according to a landlord and real estate writer.

Do you have bad credit and need to get approved for a bad credit merchant account? If this is your case, turn to a reputable merchant services provider to get approved for it with fewer challenges. With a reputable alternative lender and processor, you can get the best merchant services.

Good Credit for Renting

Are you approved with good credit and have nothing that’s against the landlord’s requirements? Well, you’ll generally be required to pay the security deposit and rent mentioned in the rental listing. In case, you get approved with bad credit, you may be required to pay a premium. This refers not only to rent, but to utilities, as well.

For cities that have an extremely competitive rental market such as San Francisco or New York, having good credit is just table stakes. However, in areas where landlords have a difficult time finding tenants, good credit can grant you bargaining power.

The majority of providers check credit before signing you up. Those who have excellent credit scores will get the best rates. Your credit will also be checked by insurance companies. The scores you have, the lower premiums you’ll have on car insurance, renters insurance, and life insurance.

Author Bio: As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative funding solutions and a bad credit merchant account. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has become a true asset for First American Merchant.

Facing Reality with Home Repair

When it comes to home improvement, a number of people like to take on projects for themselves. While that can be understandable, the reality is that a professional best handles numerous home projects. Fortunately, there are some tips to consider when deciding how a home project needs to be done.

Consider the Problem
It is vital to recognize that there are different kinds of home improvement projects. Some projects are ones that a homeowner wants to do but does not need to be done. Examples may include renovating a kitchen or a bathroom. Both areas may be functioning well, but each one may be quite dated and not very handy. There are other types of projects that come up that need to be addressed due the age of a home. There may be leaking in a basement in an older home. In addition, a natural disaster may be the reason for the roof needing to be replaced. The list goes on, but people need to consider the problem before going any further.

What Matters Most
After the problem has been recognized, it is time to decide what to do. If a home is missing many shingles, the reality is that it must be replaced. For a dated kitchen, a homeowner can probably wait to have it replaced if necessary. Although it may seem ridiculous, homeowners must recognize what matters most in order to have a home that is safe and functional.

Achievable Action
When it comes to home improvement, people must recognize what they can achieve. For some, they may be able to take out bathroom fixtures and install new ones. For others, they may recognize that water problems in a basement are beyond their skill, and they need to contact waterproofing services. Whatever decision is made, make sure that it can be achieved.

Facing reality can be very difficult. Homeowners may be humbled when they realize a home improvement project is too big for them. However, a professional can do the job well and save the homeowner time and money. That can be priceless.

Know the Benefits of Furniture Restoration

Our experience has shown us that people love to keep beloved furniture items for as long as possible. Whenever a homeowner has a piece that is damaged, restoration could be a great choice whether you have a valuable family heirloom or a simple piece of household furniture that you love.

Furniture restoration will allow you the chance to keep furniture that holds sentimental value. You will appreciate a supplier, such as The Abbey Group that will help to repair furniture that you love. As a matter of fact, many people will prefer this instead of getting replacement pieces or similar monetary value. What will matter to most is, how they will feel about the things that they own. Homeowners will be less worried about the value of their possessions from a financial standpoint and want to keep the memories alive with the right pieces.

Save Money – Avoid Replacement

Quite often, a restoration process can be much more cost-effective than selecting a new replacement item. It will be important to have a reliable valuation done to handle the process fairly.

Increase Furniture Value

The restoration of furniture allows for making sure that valuable furniture has been fully evaluated. Both the homeowner as well as the insurance provider will know exactly where they stand. Restoration is also good for both parties in the fact that they know where they stand.

Things to Consider Before Restoration

So the answer to our original question really is, it depends. If the furniture in question is a high-value antique or one of sentimental value, it may be worth investing in restoration work. But for an antique of less value, you might want to revamp it instead. But before you do either, a few final things to consider;

  • Is your piece unusual? Is it a masterpiece, or a classic example of a master of craftsmanship? If so, you need to make sure that the work you are doing to the piece won’t take away from its value.
  • Was your furniture made by a notable craftsman or manufacturer? If so, preservation should be the main focus, regardless of the piece’s age.
  • Would it be feasible to just give the piece a light clean and make minor repairs? If you can, always choose the least invasive method when dealing with antique furniture.
  • Try to restore rather than revamp, especially with valuable pieces of furniture.

Overall, it comes down to doing your research and having valuations done before you embark on any restoration project, no matter how small.

You should also use your best judgment when dealing with antique furniture, seek professional advice and, if needed, have restoration work carried out by a professional.