How to Safe-Proof Your Yard

There are few places children love more than the back yard. Whether a youngster uses it to explore nature, practice sports or just plain play in the dirt, it’s a special spot where imaginations run wild, friendships are formed and healthy habits are honed. Before letting your little one loose, however, try these tips to ensure your child’s wild space is a safe space.

Remove Obstacles

When given the opportunity, children love to run. To keep your kiddo’s exercise from turning into an emergency room visit, carefully check your yard for impediments like stones, stumps and holes. These obstacles can trip up tots and result in cuts, scrapes and even broken bones.

Prevent Pests

With the great outdoors come creatures of all shapes and sizes. Consider what pests pose a problem for your children and take appropriate measures. Ticks are one back yard bad guy that can bring about serious conditions such as Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. If you live in an area at risk for tick infestation, consider preventative measures such as organic tick control and keep exposed skin at a minimum.

Poisonous Plants

Just like creepy crawlies, there are plenty of plants that can present health risks. Poison ivy, oak and sumac grow throughout the United States and even minimal contact with these plants will leave one with a serious rash and blisters. Other plants pose a more severe danger if ingested. Species like golden dewdrop or deadly nightshade have attractive berries that look edible, but eating these plants has dire consequences. Eliminate any fatal flora you may find on your property.

Fence Defense

Keeping your little one safe in your yard also means keeping him or her in your yard. A ball- or butterfly-chasing child may run into the street entirely unaware of oncoming traffic. To keep this from happening, install a fence around your property and make sure the gate is always closed and locked.

Playing can be a positive experience for a child. Help your little one learn to love the outdoors by safe-proofing your yard.

Advantages of an Air Motor Over an Electric Motor

When it comes to choosing whether you want to keep your air motor or replace it with an electric option, you might not be sure of your choice. After all, they may seem like they perform similarly, given that they complete similar tasks. However, there are a lot of advantages to an air motor that you might be less aware of. Here is what an air motor can do for your mixer.

Speed Control

If you adjust the air control valve, you can achieve a variety of different speeds. There are many different speed control options for you to take advantage of. Of course, the more options you have, the more expensive the motor will be.

Torque and Power

If you compare an air motor to an electric motor, the air motor has a lot more torque and power. So, if you’re have trouble with your motor, it may be better to look into a Gast air motor rebuild kit than to replace it with an electric motor. After all, the benefits of the torque matter when it comes to mixer configuration. You want the power that an air motor offers.

Safety Hazards

Air motors are relatively safe to use. This is particularly true if you hold them against an electric motor. Air motors use compressed air, rather than electricity as their source of energy. This means that they are inherently non-sparking. When it comes to safety, this makes an air motor a lot safer to have around. While there are electric explosion-proof motors, they tend to be a lot more expensive. Likewise, if you are working in a wet or corrosive environment, then an air motor is more fitting.

When it comes to choosing between air and electric, there are a lot of benefits to air. On one hand, they have more speed control, more torque and tend to be a safer option for you to invest in.

Choosing the Right Driveway Material

Are you building a new home and need to install a new driveway? Do you already have a home but your existing driveway is in horrible condition and needs to be replaced? Whatever the case, you need to choose the right material. You want a driveway that looks good, can be easily maintained and is easy to repair when damaged. Here are a few options you can choose from.

Paver Driveway

A paver driveway consists of individual interlocking paving stones. These paving stones are made of concrete and can be laid out in any pattern you choose. You can even alternate different colored pavers to achieve the desired pattern. Pavers don’t require any mortar, though they do require a stable subbase to prevent movement. A paver driveway is an inexpensive solution, though it is probably the least durable.

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is also known as bitumen. This material is usually pitch mixed with sand and gravel. Asphalt is heated until it is in a semi-liquid form, then poured in place. When the asphalt cools, it becomes as hard as the surface of a road. Asphalt is a great choice for your driveway. It’s very durable, capable of lasting three to four decades. Asphalt is also easily repaired. When damaged, you just have to contact a company that does asphalt patching Pittsburgh PA.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is made up of water, sand and cement. It is mixed together as a wet solution, then poured into a frame. Once poured and properly set, concrete is a good solution for a driveway and is very low maintenance. While a good solution, it is the most expensive method on this list. One drawback to concrete is its potential for decay. If your concrete becomes damaged, it can be costly to repair.

As you consider the best material for your new driveway, consult builders in your area. Find out what works best for the climate you live in. Try one of these three material options and enjoy your new driveway.

Tips to create an industrial look in your home

With a rise in barn, warehouse and industrial unit conversions, there has been a general trend towards an industrial look for interiors. Fitting in with today’s focus on recycling and repurposing, you don’t need to be living in a conversion to create an industrial-looking interior in your home. Let’s look at some tips to help you obtain this look.


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Rustic metals

Once commonly exposed in plumbing and lighting fixtures, metalwork pipes have been covered up in most modern homes. Consider using attractive brushed copper and cast iron and leave pipework exposed to make a feature of the fixtures to give an industrial look. Nickel, brass and less high-shine metals are becoming increasingly popular in creating an industrial look.

Mix and match

Rustic wood and brushed or polished metals pair beautifully. The kitchen is the perfect place to mix these materials, contrasting rich aged wood on cabinets, worktops or island tops with polished or brushed metal on handles, bar stools or light fittings to create a sophisticated, modern feel.


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When it comes to practical aspects such as gas central heating, it can be a shame to let down the look with plain white panelled radiators. It is possible to get industrial-looking modern column radiators, which provide efficient heating with the industrial style. You may wonder can you choose sizes for column radiators? The answer is yes, making them perfect for whatever space you have and can be a real feature in any room.


Lighting is another area where you can really make a statement for an industrial look. Using metal fittings with metal shades looks stylish; alternatively, a new trend that really fits in with the industrial look is to forget the shade and expose the bulb. There is a wide range of beautiful bulbs available in varying sizes and with different filament styles, including energy efficient bulbs.

Colour palette

To stay with the industrial feel, keep your colour palette industrial. Choose the same colours as the rustic materials you are using, such as shades of grey to match the metal.

Remember that the industrial look is not about everything matching neatly; instead, it is about having a rustic and raw look to your interior. Pick the areas you want to focus on and really enjoy making a feature of them.

Turn Your Ordinary Kitchen Into A Classy One With Quartz Kitchen Countertops

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Well, having a beautiful kitchen not only helps you to give a classy look to your home but also helps you to spread happiness. It is because; it is the place where most of the people start and end the day. Of course, no one day is complete without entering into such a beautiful place, right? So, how it could be? It should have enough space to spend and also have unique and beautiful kitchen appliances. Further, just think yourself is only kitchen appliances will give enough beauty to your kitchen? If so, it will not. Moreover, your kitchen should have exclusive interior design products.

Want to renovate your kitchen with beautiful countertops? If you are the one who looking for the best way to renovate, then you can choose quartz kitchen countertops. It is because countertops have the sense to bring natural beauty to your kitchen. Just try the countertops to your kitchen and you will surely fall in love with these natural stone unknowingly.

Why choose quartz countertops?

In order to renovate your kitchen, you should have a brief look on your kitchen layout. Just think twice before selecting the countertops. Just take your budget into serious account and then prefer for the quartz countertops. It is because; it is relatively expensive when compared to other natural stone. Of course, the choice is limitless. But you should consider some basic things before selecting countertops.

Of course, when it comes to selecting the quartz kitchen countertops, there are so many things to consider. But, the strength, quality, and durability are the most important one. Further, quartz has the ability to bring a stunning look to your kitchen. Of course, it is expensive, but the material will never fade away for many years.

Help you to bring natural beauty:

Do you love to cook? Is the kitchen your favorite place? If so, then it should be very unique, right? Don’t worry about the interior designs. Just rush the internet and get more interesting facts about the quartz kitchen countertops. Without any doubt, your eyes will become big once you get to know more about these huge products. It is because; it has so many attractive features like resistant to heat and scratch, easy to clean and maintain, non-porous and many more.

When it comes to countertops, nothing will best the quartz. So, quartz countertops have the potential to turn your ordinary kitchen into a classy one. So, then why are waiting? Make use of this article and bring nature to your kitchen. With the help of quartz kitchen countertops, you can save your time which spends for cleaning the ordinary cement slab.

Benefits of quartz countertops:

  • No ongoing maintenance is required for quartz kitchen countertops
  • No worry about health issues since it is 100% safe and secure
  • Available in different style and colors
  • Beautiful silky and soft surface
  • Relatively little expensive but the quality is very good
  • Smooth finishing
  • High resistant to scratch and heat.

Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets Help Increase Home Resale Value

More and more people are remodeling their houses, and the bathroom is one of the biggest jobs. People spend a great deal of time deciding on what accessories to purchase. Bathroom vanities and cabinets are one of the tough decisions as you want them to look just right. You can get a vast range of styles and designs of bathroom vanities and cabinets, to suit everybody and every budget.

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When looking for your bathroom vanities and cabinets, you need to look at the style of the rest of the bathroom. You can get them in sleek modern designs, hand painted, rustic or antique look, but will any of these fit in with the theme in your bathroom. You can have them handmade and customized, these will cost more but the results can be well worth it. Often vanities will have a sink and cabinet underneath and a mirror above it, but you can also buy them without the mirror for a different look altogether. The position of the bathroom vanity and cabinet, are also a big factor, although you want them to look impressive you don’t want them to overpower the bathroom. These cabinets will add sophistication and elegance to your bathroom, and are a timeless piece of furniture, so you need to get it right the first time.

Deciding exactly what you want from your bathroom vanities and cabinets are essential since will they serve as your primary source of storage. You can buy bathroom cabinets with drawers; pull out trash cans, shelves and even door racks to hold your electrical items in because there ever too much storage space. You can often have lighting placed within the vanity so it can be well lit for applying makeup and shaving. All of this storage will make your bathroom uncluttered and tidy, giving it a modern look. You will use your bathroom vanities and cabinets a great deal so ensure they are made from long lasting materials, as you do not want to be replacing it often.

Discover Achievements by Bob Townsend, CEO of Custom Services

Bob Townsend spent his early school years in different States due to his stepfather’s job in the US Army. For the same reason, the family had to relocate after every 18 months on average which let Bob study in different schools of Wyoming, Germany, Arizona, Utah and Oklahoma.

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Later in 1976, he became a high school graduate from the Broken Arrow School System. Bob’s thirst for study brought him to Sheridan, Wyoming to attend college but after a short period he moved back to Broken Arrow where he got married to Dana Townsend, a 33 years old lady who also attended Broken Arrow School System.

Custom Services Inc., a company founded by Bob and Dana in 1980 has been dedicatedly providing ducted air conditioning brisbane, heating, and energy management systems to small, medium and large sized businesses. Their client’s list includes RDS Manufacturing, Broken Arrow School System and Victoria Christian Center, City of Broken Arrow and many more. For 7 years, Bob has served Big Brothers/Sisters and he is still an active part of it. With his wife Dana, they attend church at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma which keeps them in touch with their religion.

Bob also graduated from Victory Christian Centers and Victory Bible Institute where he completed his Bible Training program. During his bible school, Bob served the Hispanic Ministry for one year as well. Later on, he assisted Tulsa Technology Study group with their research and development regarding Energy measurements and Management techniques of W. Edwards Deming, the father of modern Quality Management techniques. Bob has also represented twice the Deming Study Group of Tulsa in Washington D.C at their meetings. These meetings were attended by distinguished consultants on Deming’s management techniques from all over the world.

Bob has excellent knowledge about Heating and Air conditioning, which caused him to serve as an advisor on Tulsa Technology Air Conditioning board for three years. Despite of all other responsibilities, Custom Services has always remained an important and major focus of Bob and family. Started with one employee in 1980, the company has now serving Oklahoma State with around 40 hardworking employees. Besides this, Bob has successfully acquired/merged with 12 other businesses related to Heating and Air Conditioning expanding his business roots more deep.

Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress

You might not have bought a new mattress in a long time. After all, you might not have thought it was necessary to buy a new mattress when you already have one, and you might dread spending the cash to buy one. It might just be time to buy a new mattress, however, if any of the signs below sound familiar to you.

It’s Been a Long Time Since You Bought One

Even though a good-quality mattress can last a long time, it’s a good idea to replace your mattress if it’s more than 10 years old. Some people use their mattresses for much longer than that, but if you can’t even remember when you purchased your mattress or if you know that it was at least 10 years ago, then it’s time to start shopping for a new one.

Your Mattress is Dirty and Stained

If your mattress is dirty and stained, you might have tried different tips and tricks to clean it. If you can’t seem to get your mattress clean, then your only option might be to replace it. Then, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing or disgusting stains on your sleeping surface.

You Can’t Sleep Comfortably at Night

Getting plenty of sleep is important, and the quality of your mattress has a big impact on how well you sleep at night. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed every night, it could be because of your mattress. Your mattress can also cause you to wake up feeling sore in the morning. If you have been experiencing any of these things, then looking for a new mattress at one of the stores that sells mattresses in Cumming, GA is important for your health and comfort.

The Mattress is Showing Signs of Age

When you look at your mattress, you might be able to tell that it’s almost time for a replacement, even if the mattress is not stained and even if you haven’t had trouble getting comfortable at night. If your mattress is starting to sag or if it has visible lumps or springs, for example, it’s time to think about buying a new one soon.

If any of the signs above apply to your mattress, then it’s time to start looking for a new one. Luckily, there are many different types of mattresses out there at all different price points, so finding the right one for you shouldn’t be a problem once you start shopping.

4 Reasons why customized hotel furniture are trending in 2019

Hotels are meant to provide top-notch service and experience to customers. As soon as the guest enters the lobby of the hotel, they start to examine the interior of the hotel. It includes decoration and furniture used in the hotel. Part of their experience of staying in the hotel is contributed by the ambience of the hotel. Also, the décor of the hotel is one of the points that have allured them to book the hotel over others. The artwork, architectural work, furniture set up in the hotel lobby, guest rooms and other would be attractive.

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The look of the hotel depends on its interior decoration that comprises of hotel furniture set up. It is where the head of the interior decorator of the hotel has to decide whether they wish to setup mass-produced furniture or look for customized ones. People are often of the opinion that it is better to opt for mass-produced one as it would help to get quality one from the furniture industry. Also, it is easy to find and comparatively less expensive. But chosen customized one over others brings forth a host of benefits for the hotel. The custom of choosing customized hotel furniture designs over others are trending these days. Since the hotel would be used a lot, it is important to maintain the quality of furniture. Are you wondering whether customized furniture would cost more?  

Chance to stand out from the crowd

Choosing the right hotel furniture is definitely a daunting task. But if you wish to stand out from the competition, it is better to choose customized furniture over others. An effort is made to provide the best furniture to customers in the hospitality industry. It is obvious that ready-made furniture has been seen before. If you are able to set up furniture that can only be seen in your hotel, it is sure to help in effective marketing of excellent service that your hotel provides. In addition, every furniture piece can be customized in the hotel including specialized engravings, colors and theme of the hotel.  

Specially designed according to needs and space

When opting for customized furniture, you can get the one depending on your need and space. For any unusual space in the hotel, it can be hard to find appropriate furniture that would match its space. So, if you wish to get customized hotel furniture, it would help to get according to your needs and highlight the feature of the hotel that makes it a unique one. Therefore, you get the chance to choose orientation, configuration and size of furniture properly. This customization can be done for every corner of the hotel. Also, you can use different styles for every room to give a dramatic look to the hotel.

Chance to put a personal touch in hotel decoration

Customized furniture is those piece of art in which you can add a personal touch. In this way, you are able to add a personal touch to hotel furniture.

Reasons To Get A Well Drilled

When you own your own home and property, you have some free range in what you are able to do with it. If you are looking for ways to save money on your utilities, getting a well drilled can be a great option to consider. There are many benefits of having your own well on your property for water. If you decide to get one drilled and then have any issues, be sure to call a reputable company of well repair Cabarrus County NC for help, such as the company found at

Free Water

One of the main benefits of having your own well drilled is that you will have unlimited free water to use. The initial cost of having a well drilled will pay for itself many times over. You will leave behind monthly fees, municipal fees and hidden charges that water companies are notorious for charging their customers. In some areas, you may even get a federal or state tax credit for getting a well drilled on your property.

Reliable Water

Another advantage of a well is that you will have reliable water. When you count on the city’s water services, you can be susceptible to water outages. Your water well and the access to it are only yours.

Healthy Water

When you have your own well for water usage, you will be sure you are getting healthy and clean water. Well water is filtered naturally. It is not filtered using chemicals and fluoride like city water is. While the taste of water from different sources is based solely on opinion, it is common for many people to enjoy the taste of well water over city water.

As you can see, there are many benefits of getting your own well drilled on your property. With some planning and regular well maintenance, you can have free, clean and delicious water. A reputable well drilling company can come to your property and give you an estimate for the cost of having a new well built for your home’s water usage needs.