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Willamette University Historic Buildings
900 State Street

Waller Hall
Willamette University, founded by Methodist missionaries in1842, is the oldest university in the West. Founded as a training school for Indian children, it actually is older than the city. Since its founding, many professional leaders of Salem, and the state of Oregon, have been Willamette graduates.

To the east of the campus, a "skywalk" connects the campus to Tokyo International University.

The campus is open year round.

Of special interest to visitors is the Mark Hatfield Library. During the school year, the library is open at various hours each day, but it is recommended you visit between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. any day of the week. During the summer, it is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

There are several choices for parking. You may park along State Street in a metered space. There is a free campus parking lot off 12th Street, across from the Marion County Historical Society, but it is often full. A larger free lot is on Bellevue, south of the campus, which leads directly to the Library. This lot may also be entered from Winter Street.

A visit during the day will give you the best opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the campus and its gardens. Notice that the Millrace, a prominent feature of Mission Mill Museum (just across 12th Street), flows through the campus in its course to the Willamette River.

When You Are Here:
The Mark Hatfield Library has a collection of historical items donated by the Senator on display in the Hatfield Room and the Hatfield Office. Ask a member of the library staff to direct you to this historical collection.

In Construction A self-guided walking tour of historic building.
Meanwhile, use the map of the Willamette University website (see below) to guide you.

To Learn More: Go to“About Willamette” for current information and a map. Willamette University - for a detailed history. - for profiles of Jason Lee, Chloe Willson, William Willson, Lucyanna Grubbs, Mary Purvine, and Mark Hatfield.
The First Methodist Church Archives can give more information about Rev. Waller.

Walking Tour: