10 Things You Should Know About Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is a mixture of polyester and marble resins, which, after a chemical/industrial system, hardens to a diploma identical to purely natural marble. Cultured marble has a increased resistance to staining, bigger brightness, and significantly less adherence to dirt.

The sink and countertop variety a one piece, which stops spillage and leaks. The cost of cultured marble is considerably reduced and much more easy in conditions of high-quality and price tag as opposed with natural marble.

As the resin is dealt with as a plastic component, it gives larger resistance to impacts and bending. On the other side, organic marble is extremely fragile and can crack when it’s blown.


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Cultured marble in the kitchen


Cultured marble overview

Cultured marble is manufactured from substantial-effectiveness polymers and granulated marble. It has been tested for more than 30 yrs in motels, places of work, labs, and households. It is resistant to acids, caustics, and solvents. It relies on a extensive selection of hues, textures, patterns, designs, and finishes that fulfill each individual will need and need. Cultured marble merchandise have been readapted for every single have to have and finish.

Cultured marble is subjected to 10,000 cycles in an abrasion testing equipment with water with a large material of abrasives and does not don or eliminate its reflective potential. It has been observed that soon after 16 hrs, exposure to acids, caustics, and home solvents does not have an affect on its end and resistance.

As opposed to other artificial development resources, cultured marble is 100% resistant to acetone and other solvents. It will generally existing a professional-style finish, even in domestic applications. The price of cultured marble is pretty competitive compared with other stable surfaces.

When compared to plastic laminates (Formica, Thermoform, and so on.), cultured marble offers many pros. It is 100% water-proof, not permitting drinking water to penetrate the joints and deteriorate the base and damage the complete. It is also far more resistant to warmth and direct flame. It is repairable in situation of problems. You do not have to replace the full piece. The manufacture of cultured marble is managed by quite stringent business requirements.



1-Resistance to water and humidity

Cultured marble is not porous, considering the fact that it is covered with a products identified as Gelcoat, made use of for coating ship hulls. All-natural marble is porous and much easier to put up with injury from drinking water. Artificial marble is suitable for building cultured marble countertops rather.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops


2-Lasting glow

Cultured marble does not have to have sharpening procedure. It is forever shiny and much easier to clear for the reason that dirt does not adhere to it.


3-Cleanliness and security

Most cultured marble vanity tops and sinks have a micro-ban coating that prevents the development and proliferation of germs and fungi. Cultured marble is furthermore resistant to cleansing goods.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops


4-Scratches and significant temperatures

Despite the fact that cultured marble has good hardness, it is not advised to minimize or chop foodstuff with out a reducing board. In any case, it is significantly less possible to cut or scratch the area with a knife. If you ever scratch it, you can polish the afflicted area with a specific paste to get rid of the mark.

Nonetheless, when reducing or chopping food stuff on a cultured marble countertop, use a protective board.


5-Awesome aesthetics

Cultured marble counter tops have a tender texture and an amazing aesthetic that resembles all-natural marble. Just remember that cultured marble is a artificial product.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops
Cultured marble vainness leading



Unquestionably, resin-primarily based resources have revolutionized the field. Cultured marble combines class, hardness, robustness, modernity, and flexibility.


7-Wide variety

When it will come to synthetic marble, you can decide on the thickness, coloration, dimensions, and shape of the pieces. Cultured marble stones can be round and very elaborate. This type of marble is usually blended with other synthetic components for far better customization outcomes. White cultured marble is quite common in rest room renovations.


cultured marble cultured marble countertops cultured marble vanity tops, white cultured marble, cultured marble bathroom countertops


8-Takes advantage of in residences and ships

Artificial marble is an economical and practical remedy for each kitchens and loos. At first, it was only employed only in the nautical market in the construction of kitchen and rest room countertops in boats since of its reduced body weight and simplicity. Then, it started off to gain level of popularity in flats and workplaces.



As mentioned earlier mentioned, cultured marble can alter to models and areas. It fits into little and big spaces seamlessly. Though purely natural marble is exclusive and comes in several styles, it is less customizable than artificial marble. Cultured marble can be cut so it can in good shape in sites in which organic marble slabs just would not in shape.


10-Lower routine maintenance

You never want to clean up your cultured marble toilet countertops so often. Cultured marble is more hygienic, meaning it gets filthy with problems. It is easy to preserve and responds much better to humidity.


Variances amongst organic stone and artificial marble

As opposed to organic marble and other construction products for kitchen and toilet counter tops, cultured marble is significantly less costly. Other than that, cultured marble is resistant and made to last. It is created of artificial but quality elements.

Underneath, we’ll go as a result of the distinctions between organic stone and artificial marble. Let us see what distinguishes artificial stone from purely natural marble.


  • The synthetic stone is lighter than the natural one particular, which will make the slicing, transport, and machining procedure a lot easier.
  • In contrast to all-natural stone, cultured marble has zero porosity, which minimizes the threat of staining, facilitating servicing. Having said that, its low absorption tells on the gluing process, which should really be completed carefully or else, the slabs occur off.
  • As an synthetic device, it can be molded to any dimensions and tailored to any surface area. This does not come about with purely natural stone.
  • Classic marble is much more translucent. If you place a purely natural and an synthetic stone collectively, you will detect that cultured marble has a misty glance.
  • Given that it is a mass-made substance, synthetic marble loses the exclusivity and exceptionality of natural stone, which has inimitable and exceptional pieces.


Ideas for relocating and putting in cultured marble

Ideally, retail outlet the countertop that has not still been put in in a vertical situation, guaranteeing that the aid is on the scaled-down aspect of the countertop, and in no way leave it in a horizontal place.

When relocating synthetic marble, do it diligently, as this material can be damaged when not in put. The moment put in, it easily withstands each day use.

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