bedroom with vintage trunks nightstands

The bedroom is the most personal and intimate space in a house. It is used to sleep and rest the body and mind after a busy day. This space should have a significant aesthetic decoration for each inhabitant of the house. Here are 11 simple bedroom ideas to enjoy an elegant space.

Image: Jenna Sue Design

Simple Yet Elegant Bedroom Ideas

1-Relax peacefully next to a fireplace

The presence of a fireplace in a bedroom provides a warm and cozy atmosphere. Fireplaces project a magical image that decorates your bedroom in an original way. When the fireplace is off you can add scented candles to create a romantic corner inside your bedroom.


2-All-white bedroom colored by textiles

If you want your bedroom to have a unique decoration, you should dare to have an all-white bedroom, colored exclusively through textiles. Go for white on the ceiling and the walls. Curtains, carpets, pillows, bedspreads, etc. can add color and joy for your bedroom.


3-An antique painted wooden mirror

An antique painted wooden mirror or a mirrored wardrobe will double your bedroom space and fill it with good vibes Antique furniture brings glamour to any space, so your bedroom will look sophisticated. This is one of the simple bedroom ideas that will bring you the most benefits when resting in your intimate space.

Image: so much BETTER with age

4-Heading board as a headboard

Using a wall as a headboard for your bed is one of the simple bedroom ideas that will give you the most aesthetic satisfaction. If you want an absolutely original bedroom you can decorate that wall through a useful niche. This hole in the wall can be used to support books, magazines, notepads or decorate it with a nice vase.


5-A stylish reading corner

If you like the idea of reading in your bedroom, you should create a cozy reading corner that also serves you to take a well-deserved rest. For this purpose, place a soft colorful sofa that matches the color palette that predominates in your bedroom.

Image: love & renovation

6-A stylish canopy bed

If you have a large bedroom, the presence of a canopy inside it will give charm and romanticism to that space. This ornamental element also gives an antique touch to your bedroom, which adds style and glamour.


7-Bedroom with shower in glass box

If you have a bathroom inside your bedroom, or the bathroom is next to your bedroom you can apply this idea. Place a glazed box which directs towards the shower. The glass box brings direct light into your bathroom, providing clarity and comfort when it’s time to clean yourself.

8-Wall art stickers

The presence of wall art stickers in your bedroom gives a beautiful, fun and sophisticated image. Fortunately there is an impressive variety of wall stickers and you can place them on a wall, on a door, in a corner, on the headboard of your bed and even on the ceiling of your bedroom, if you like risky ideas.

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The shelves are a very useful resource that serves to place books, picture frames, ornaments and any object you like. The shelves can be a wonderful decorative element for your bedroom if you print your personal style. It is convenient to place the shelf on the wall where your bed is. There are square, rectangular, triangular and even irregular shelves. You can make the shelves yourself with the help of wooden sheets and then paint them in your favorite color.

Image: Chris Loves Julia

10-Monochrome bedroom


If you want your bedroom to enjoy a simple and minimalist elegance you can opt for a monochrome bedroom, which means that the decoration of that space is of a single color so that the environment always look harmonious. You should choose neutral tones such as gray and camel so that the decoration is classic and easy to maintain over time.

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11-A wall as a window

Image: Ancerl Studio

If you live surrounded by nature, your house is inside a forest or in front of the sea, you should choose a wall that works as a window (wall-to-wall window). This idea also works if you live in a very high building and want to enjoy a fantastic urban view. Choose a wall to function as a window and you will fully enjoy natural light in your intimate space.