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During summer, one of the best ways to stay cool is by staying under the comfort of your trusty old air conditioning unit. The thing is, electricity demand can soar high during the hot weather. The longer and the more often you turn your AC unit on, the higher the price you need to pay.

You don’t have control over the temperature outside of your home. However, there are ways on how you can reduce AC costs and still find a way to beat the summer heat. How? Here are seven tried and tested ways worth noting.

First, find the best ac repair companies spring

When you let a professional maintain and repair your unit, you can be sure that it will work efficiently and last longer. So, it is essential that you must find the best ac repair companies spring that can maintain and repair your units as needed.

Dress up your windows

When you clothe your windows, you’re blocking heat before it even enters the house. So, consider investing in mesh-like window screens on windows facing east and west. You can also try putting window films as this can keep the sun out even if you prefer to keep the windows open.

Adjust your thermostat accordingly

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When no one is at home, make sure to adjust your thermostat at a higher temperature. Once you’re back, that’s the time to turn it at a lower temperature to help cool you down. Investing in a smart thermostat takes away the hassle of you having to adjust the temperature every single time manually.

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Use your ceiling fans

Use ceiling fans instead of your air conditioning units to save on energy costs. Make sure your ceiling fan runs in a counter-clockwise direction. It is to ensure the cooler air goes down to you. During the winter, reverse the ceiling fan’s direction. Making it turn clockwise helps force warm air downwards.

Do your cooking outdoors

Why not enjoy the season and do a cookout with family and friends? You won’t only get to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. You can also reduce the indoor heat brought about by cooking indoors using your oven and stovetop. If you do need to prepare and cook some meals inside, make sure to turn on the kitchen exhaust fan to draw the warm air outside.

Go camping in your basement

Basements get to stay cooler than the rest of the house during summer. It will give you the perfect reason to stay and chill in your basement to cool off. Bring along with your favorite buddies, snacks, and movies, and you’re good to go. Just make sure not to attract warm and humid air by keeping your basement windows closed.

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Plant leafy trees in your yard

One benefit of planting trees around your yard is that the air becomes significantly cooler. You get to enjoy some free shade and reduce the need to blast your ACs to cool down during the warm season.

These are just some of the ways you can reduce AC costs and still get to cool off this summer. Remember that your air conditioning unit is not your only hope in getting through the warm weather. However, it is your responsibility to keep it in tip-top shape by hiring the best ac repair companies spring to repair and maintain your units.