How To Update and Improve Your Backyard

Looking for ways to upgrade your backyard? Consider landscaping and starting fresh. There are many ways you improve your yard, whether that means altering existing features, planting new shrubs, or adding completely new elements. Here are three landscape features to keep in mind when getting started.

Garden Features

Bring color and variety with flowers, plants, and trees. Depending on the shape and size of your backyard, certain types of flower beds or plots may be better. Consider adding layers, statues, or lighting. Landscape lighting Overland Park is a great option for showcasing your plants. Along with practicality, backyard illumination can increase its attractiveness and make it a comfortable place to lounge even when the sun goes down.

Hardscape Features

Redoing your backyard isn’t just about new plants and trees, it’s also about the overall look of the area. Add a fence or deck to frame your property and create structure. There are many benefits of having these types of features to support the smaller landscaping additions. Patios can help transition into your backyard, and perimeter trees or walls can add protection and isolation. With planned hardscaping, you can create a “finished” look that your loved ones can enjoy.

Water Features

Many backyard designs have a focal point that draws attention and adds personality to the surrounding area. You can create a focus with a fountain or pond. This is a unique style of outdoor decoration, and it can be a point of entertainment for friends and family. If you install a pond, you might even consider adding fish, lilypads, or a waterfall.

There are many ways you can landscape your backyard. Keeping in mind the many categories of outdoor renovation can help you find the elements you like most. After adding flowers, lighting, fences, or other features, you can create a place you enjoy spending time in. 

Insulation Options To Save You Money

Insulating your home can cut your energy costs while keeping you and your family toasty warm. There are different types that will work with your budget and structure. Which one works best? Here are the options to choose from.

Spray Foam

Spray foam solutions are the longest lasting of the types of insulation. Installed with an aerosol can or special type of equipment, it expands to fill the hard to reach spots then hardeneds to seal out the external temperature and moisture. It wards away mold to keep the air in your house clean. It suppresses the noise from outside keeping your abode nice and quiet. Spray foam can also be used in conjunction with other types of insulation.

Rolled Insulation

Installing rolls of batting can be a simple home project. It is made of fiberglass and is tucked between the wall studs and into the rafters of your home. You need to wear clothes that cover your skin and have a utility knife to cut it to the size you need. While it is easy to install, it is less energy efficient that spray foam.

Blown In

You can rent equipment to add blown-in insulation into your home but to ensure that it works best for you it is best to hire a professional. Composed of fiberglass, rock wool, newspaper or repurposed cardboard, it is shot into the crevices to keep the heat trapped in your home to keep you comfortable. Using recycled materials helps the environment with keeping your energy costs down.

Foam Board

Rigid sheets of foam are cut down and pounded against the exterior walls and roof of your house. Foam board can also be used in your basement to keep the cold out. Made of polystyrene or polyurethane, you can install it yourself in your unfinished rooms.