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If you’re considering a quick sale of your home in the Worcester, MA market, you’re not alone. Currently, the median Worcester home price is about $340,000, which represents a 7.7% increase since March 2021. Moreover, homes aren’t lasting a long time on the market once listed—an average of 54 days, or two days less than the March 2021 average. 

For so many reasons, a fast home sale can benefit a motivated seller. Quick sales help you launch the next phase of your life more quickly and move on to a fresh start. They help limit your legal exposure and potential liability, as well. Moreover, the faster you can close on an offer for your home, the more likely it is you can dodge a buyer’s sudden attack of cold feet. 

Whether you’ve got to start a new job in a different location or have another reason to sell quickly, and whether you decide to choose an FSBO strategy or hire an experienced local real estate agent to help you find a professional buyer with cash, there are things you can do to help speed up the sales process. Here are six ways you can help your home sell more quickly in the Worcester, MA area

1. Plan the Right Improvements

Fast sales, especially to professional iBuyers, are great for sellers without a lot of time or resources to invest in making extensive home improvements. You don’t need to radically redesign your home for a quick sale. However, it’s always smart to make the right changes, especially those that improve the way your home appears in professional listing photos. 

2. Declutter and Clean Up

One of the smartest things you can do to help your home put its best face forward for a fast sale is to declutter, organize, and clean your home thoroughly. Remove personal items, papers, and photos. Dust and clean the corners, baseboards, and ceiling fans. 

3. Patch Up Any Visible Damage

Take a close look at all of the rooms in your home. Look especially for scuffs, dents, holes, and any loose fixtures. These kinds of quick repair jobs pay significant dividends, even in a quick home sale. 

4. Spruce Up the Outside

Don’t forget your home’s exterior! Enhance its curb appeal by cleaning the siding and any other exterior elements that are showing some dirt and neglect. Trim back the grass and weeds around any flower beds or edging near walkways. Add some visual appeal to your home’s entry, such as a colorful potted plant and a new doormat. 

5. Get the Best Photos You Can

Professional listing photos can make the difference between selling your home quickly and having your listing linger for months and months. If you’re seeking to close your home’s sale quickly, you’ll need to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers with the means to close quickly. Well-lit and well-composed photographs of your home’s exterior and interior help catch the eye of a motivated purchaser. 

6. Write (or Have Written for You) a Killer Listing Description

It’s not enough to just list out your home’s major selling points. Your listing description should really tell a story into which potential buyers can project themselves. A well-written narrative that helps showcase your home and its proximity to the best features of the surrounding neighborhood is crucial to a quick sale. 

Learn Your Options for a Fast Sale

If you want a fast sale for your Worcester home, learn all you can about how to sell your home quickly. You may also want to enlist the help of an experienced local real estate agent who can help you best position your home to appeal to current shoppers.