Apartment in Bratislava by Studio Cakov+Partners

Modern day city luxury with impeccable design and a hint of mid-century modern day stylistics. In this concrete palace, with its organic materials richens, the panoramic home windows safe not only considerable gentle to illuminate the exquisite structure but also introduce a wonderful skyline check out of Bratislava’s city surroundings.

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This city context can be felt in the full designers’ principle – raw concrete slabs for a basis, purist hart of the décor composition enriched by magnificent and expressive supplies and geometrical shapes. The Studio Cakov+Associates designed a spot that can age and produce with its homeowners but continue to carries the modern come to feel of its time.

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The play of contrasts in the material selection amongst the mild veneer, black steel and frames, gentle gray soft furnishings, and uncooked concrete base is an intriguing and dynamic décor approach. The most important residing place (“the day zone”) is opened in a boundless move wherever useful zones – kitchen area, eating, and living area- are outlined by dynamic alterations in the spatial movement and geometrical configuration of crones, panoramic windows, and concrete buildings.

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This characteristic architectural technique offers identity and added modern day urban edge to the décor composition. The designers utilized custom-made fittings, a neutral shade palette, natural and organic elements, and light textures and remaining the dynamic modern composition to discuss by by itself. The comfortable pastel colors of the child’s place distinction with the dramatic black modern-day shine of the bathrooms, the large panoramic home windows, and lovable outdoors terraces give a backdrop to the light wooden veneer and tailored fittings. The apartment’s décor presents numerous angles from which one particular can enjoy the total concept.

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