Bathtubs and toilets can deteriorate seriously above time since they are consistently uncovered to an intense surroundings and unique circumstances: publicity to humidity, friction, cleansing products and solutions, and so forth. On the other hand, bathtub reglazing can help.

When owning a worn tub, there are two possible remedies: changing the old bathtub for a new a single considering the approach that this involves (get the job done, expenditure, and inconvenience), and tub reglazing, which aims to return it to its initial condition.

Irrespective of whether you like your aged bathroom and do not want to switch it or choose to resolve the enamel on your bathtub relatively than throw it absent, you have discovered the proper publish. Right here you’ll get details associated to bathtub reglazing: area preparing, required products and solutions, techniques, and a lot more.


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Primary bathtub renovation troubles

The major difficulties you might encounter in tub refinishing are cash and comfort.

This position is time-squandering. While it is intended to go away no debris, dust, debris, and sounds are frequent. Also, if your bathtub is previous, the tiles in your lavatory are too. If the do the job calls for eliminating these tiles, you might not have spare pieces and, in this scenario, they may well not be available on the market any more.

On the other hand, except if you are a handyman, you will have to hire anyone to do the bathtub reglazing and acquire every thing. This may possibly involve the bathtub and toilet.


bathtub reglazing tub reglazing, tub refinishing,
Get hold of a handyman in circumstance the job is beyond you

What you need to have to repaint your tub

The moment you have made the decision to resolve the enamel of your bathtub, the subsequent detail is to determine what goods you require for the bathtub reglazing. Here’s is a listing:

  • Artificial solvent to cleanse the floor of the bathtub
  • Polyester Putty It will only be important if your bathtub is cracked or scratched. This putty is available with and devoid of fiber. For damages of up to 2 mm, you can use putty without fiber although, for other instances, putty with fiber is finest for bathtub reglazing
  • We suggest applying sandpaper to open the pore of the bathtub and leave the area prepared for the primer.
  • Two-component enamel paint for bathtubs
  • A brush for the most tough areas to paint
  • A rod and a foam roller to paint the rest of the surface of the bathtub
  • A bucket to combine the two-part items
  • Masking tape to steer clear of staining the tiles
  • Plastic go over to keep away from staining the flooring


bathtub restoration, bathtub refinishing near me
Grey enamel paint for bathtubs


With this equipment, you will get best-high-quality bathtub reglazing. Down below are the techniques to refurbishing the bathtub.


Fix the damages

The initially thing is to restore the tiny damages in the bathtub, both thanks to blows or because the enamel arrived off.

For these cases, use a polyester putty or fiberglass putty. You will get a extremely easy bathtub reglazing and the flaws will vanish instantly.

Permit dry and sand not just the region with the putty, but also the full tub. This will eliminate any embedded residue and limescale, and the enamel will adhere far better to the floor.


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Cleanse the bathtub

Up coming, thoroughly clean the tub of sanding debris and any remaining debris. To do this, clean it with drinking water to start with and then allow it dry fully.

Once dried, clear it up with methylated spirits. Rub the total area with a piece of fabric and allow it dry completely all over again.


bathtub restoration, bathtub refinishing near me

Give 1 or two coats of paint

Paint with the proper paint to get on with the bathtub restoration.

First, as usually, take away the objects near the bathtub and include the locations all around it, as properly as the faucets and the floor to avert staining.

Be careful with paint fumes. If the location is not ventilated, use a mask.

Give a primer to assure that the paint adheres accurately, despite the fact that there are enamels that do not demand carrying out so.

Now indeed, it is time to paint the bathtub. If the paint is two-ingredient (paint + catalyst), compute the volume you want for the primer simply because you could not save the extra. Use the brush for the most delicate regions these as the outer edges or where by the faucets are. Paint the relaxation with a roller.

Wait 24 hours for the 2nd coat. You can sand a tiny in advance of offering the bathtub a 2nd layer, but it is not strictly essential. Of class, if you sand it, clear it with a moist cloth, never ever with drinking water. To use the bathtub again, allow it dry for roughly 5 days, so the paint will not appear off.



Despite the fact that this phase is optional in bathtub reglazing, preferably seal the tub, letting that the seal wears with the passing of time. Seal the spots in between the bathtub and the wall and individuals that are amongst the countertop and the wall. You will avert leaks by carrying out so.


bathtub reglazing tub reglazing, tub refinishing
Sealing Joints on the Bathtub


Bathtub reglazing is really basic, considerably less costly, and much less cumbersome than switching the bathtub. You can do it yourself at any time to revive your tub. Lookup bathtub refinishing around me on Google to locate skilled solutions.