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Simplistic yet warm – Japandi interiors have been growing in popularity for a reason. And one family recently finished building a forever home. That said, they still needed help putting together the perfect open-plan space. With Decorilla’s expertise, they could achieve the interior look of their dreams. Read on for the breathtaking Japandi living room and dining room result!

The Challenge: Combined Japandi Dining Room & Living Room

As the clients just completed their new home, the interior was a blank slate. It meant the stylistic possibilities were endless. Although there were no architectural obstacles, designers needed to meet specific client expectations. To call the zen Japandi interior design project a success, the designers had to:

  • Create a separate, yet cohesive, Japandi-style dining room and living room area 
  • Use both paint and wallpaper in the space
  • Ensure the online living/dining room design remains light and airy while also defined
  • Stick to a neutral color palette but include sophisticated touches of color throughout
  • Add appropriate curtains to frame the wall-spanning glass sliding door 

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Japandi-Style Living Room & Dining Room Décor Ideas

Japandi style living and dining room inspiration

From their inspirational images, it was clear the clients liked roomy spaces bathed in light and neutral colors. However, pops of dark neutrals were also visible throughout their examples, which created balance. Crisp, clean lines and minimalistic furnishings were other main features. Lots of wood accents and indoor plants revealed the clients’ love of all things organic. All in all, it was apparent they wanted a spacious look for their Japandi living and dining room.

Japandi Dining Room & Living Room Design Mood Board

Japandi living room - Ryley B

Decorilla Japandi dining room and living area design

The clients thoroughly explored their options and needs before reaching out to Decorilla. For this reason, they could complete the initial questionnaire and consultation easily. Armed with plenty of information, Decorilla identified two of the best designers for the project. Each designer then created a moodboard according to clients’ specifications.

Japandi living room design mood board - Ryley B

Decorilla mood board featuring Japandi living room and dining room design ideas

Both proposals showed great potential for the clients’ new space. But Ryley’s warm, welcoming Japandi-style living room and dining room ideas won them over in the end. Ryley used a light-colored, neutral palette with touches of dark, natural tones. Her concept also included plenty of smooth lines and organic, textured accents.

Open-Plan Japandi Living & Dining Room Reveal

Japandi style living room - Ryley B

Japandi-style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Spacious and sleek – the result is worthy of an editorial. High contrast certainly elevates the updated Japandi dining room and living room design. Light walls combined with the extended sliding glass doors make the space feel exceptionally light.

The great space is also full of detail and interest. The fireplace, for instance, features slim, black wood paneling set against the textured wallpaper. Due to the planks’ vertical placement, they draw the eyes upward. It creates the illusion of a higher ceiling and makes the interior feel even more spacious. Fine-lined wallpaper behind the fireplace reinforces the paneling’s effects. Its subtle gray pattern results in a delicate yet striking accent wall.

Natural light fills the room during the day, and contemporary lights illuminate the evening. They ensure it remains light and bright, whatever the time or weather conditions. Texture also plays a big part in the success of the Japandi living room and dining area design. Woven area rugs, leather, wood, and ceramics strengthen the interior’s cozy, organic atmosphere.

Japandi-Style Living Room & Dining Room Furnishings

Japandi living room - Ryley B

Japandi living and dining room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

An eclectic mix of furniture gives the living and dining areas a cozy, livable vibe. Despite the pieces being different, they have something in common: a clean, simplistic design. In fact, the space feels approachable and tranquil even with a designer look.

Since the furniture shares a similar style, the room is cohesive. However, to create two functional spaces in one, each needed a defining feature. And so the Japandi lounge and dining room design centered around a unique area rug each. A distinct hint of black also anchors both these zones. In the living area, it’s the feature wall, and in the dining area, a stylish sideboard.

Cozy japandi living room - Ryley B

Japandi living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Light yet warm wood accents are present throughout the room, along with muted dashes of color. From the deep green curtains to the rich terracotta vases, as well as the dusty pink and ashy blue throw pillows – they all have an organic air about them.

The color scheme is reminiscent of a misty forest landscape. It enhances the serenity within the space. Furthermore, the shared wooden and tonal elements also help unite the Japandi dining room and living zones.

Defining Japandi-Style Lounge & Dining Room Details

Japandi style dining room - Ryley B

Japandi-style dining room – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the Japandi-style living room, the furniture around the fireplace makes the area seem especially inviting. By adding a comfy bench to the dining area, it created the same appeal. Now, sitting at the table was an equally cozy and social experience. Although the dining space is further away from the fireplace, it’s still in view and allows the whole room to appreciate the warm glow.

Cacti planters, along with soft, abstract artwork placed around the interior also unite the separate zones. Plus, the indoor plants are a great way to invite the natural world and organic influences inside. Overall, the tranquil lounge and sleek Japandi dining room tick all the boxes. They even go above and beyond expectations of what the Japandi trend can be.

Online Interior Design Shopping List

Online shopping list for a Japandi living and dining room

Decorilla online shopping list

After working with a designer to finalize their space’s new look, Decorilla clients get a comprehensive online shopping list. Aside from including product descriptions and quantities, it also features exclusive trade discounts. Each client receives a layout map too. It allows them to put together their interior at home – hassle-free!

Our Top Picks for Japandi-Style Interior

The Japandi style captures the imagination, thanks to its simple yet elegant qualities. To recreate the look, you only need a few key pieces. Consider our top picks below for a start.

    Japandi style living and dining room top picks

  1. Woven Artwork
  2. Damali Rug 
  3. Modern Chandelier
  4. End Table
  5. Lounge Chair 
  6. In/Outdoor Planter 

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