We spend one third of our lives sleeping, and many of us work a few metres from our bed now, so that’s a lot of bedroom time. It’s therefore worth finding a bedroom gadget or two to allow for a smooth day, and relaxing sleep. We’ve put together a list of the best bedroom gadgets including bedside radios, temperature regulating duvets and smart lighting, to help you create a comfortable surrounding. So whether you want to heat up, cool down, or wake up to a gentle sunrise, we’ve got you covered.

For more bedroom gadgets, and a solid night’s rest, take a look at the best sleep gadgets.

The best bedroom gadgets for 2022

Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100

Sunrise alarm clock

Sunrise alarm clocks can help make dark morning wake ups more bearable, and less groggy. This option from Lumie fills your bedroom with a sunrise effect – it starts as a warm red glow and gradually gets brighter – over a 30 minute time period, so you feel refreshed by the time your alarm goes off. When it’s time for bed, you can drift off to sunset colours and pretend you’re reading your book on a beach.

As sunrise alarm clocks go, it’s a straightforward model and good-looking bedside room accessory. Even if you’re not skipping out of bed after the 30 minutes, it still makes for a soothing and comforting bedroom light.

It’s designed to help those with Seasonal Affective Disorder, so this could be a beneficial bedroom gadget if you find the shorter days particularly difficult.

Simba hybrid duvet 

Simba duvet

Struggling to find your sleep temperature sweet spot? There are only so many times we can stick a leg out, flip the duvet, or rotate the pillow. This duvet contains temperature regulating features to make sure you’re never too hot, or too cold. It’s made with Stratos technology which aims to cool you down during the night by absorbing excess body heat. It releases the heat when you start to feel chilly, so it’s got your back.

It also has a lump and bump free appearance and feel thanks to the square quilting design, so it’s a great choice for fussy guests.

Dyson purifier hot and cool formaldehyde 

Dyson air purifier and heater/fan

Another bedroom gadget that heats you up, and cools you down, and this one cleans your air too. As well as functioning as a fan, and heater, this Dyson air purifier captures bacteria, dust and allergens. Its filter destroys formaldehyde which can be found in furniture and floorings. As an added bonus, you don’t have to change or replace the filter so it’s a faff-free device.

Thanks to its circulation technology, this clever gadget aims to purify the whole room, so you can drift off feeling happier about your bedroom’s air quality.

It’s a quiet design that features night mode and sleep timer functions, so it works well as a bedroom gadget. You can control it from your cosy nest, as the device works through an app, or voice control.

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Yellow portable Roberts radio and speaker

You can always rely on Roberts when it comes to high-quality and stylish bedside radios. This neat design works as a DAB or FM radio, as well as a Bluetooth device, so you can play your own music if you can’t agree on a station. Its compact nature makes it suitable for a small bedside table.

It has a rechargeable battery too, so it’s a handy portable speaker, ideal for weekends away and spontaneous kitchen dance parties.

Echo Dot and Philips Hue smart bulb

Smart speaker and smart bulb

You get an Echo Dot smart speaker, and a Philips Hue smart bulb in this bundle pack, so you can create a slick, voice-controlled bedroom lighting operation. The Echo Dot works well as a bedroom gadget because it’s pretty small – just 10cm wide – and you can use it as an alarm clock too. You can ask for the news and weather whilst still tucked up in bed, so the voice control is a welcomed feature if you’re after a slow and lazy start to the day.

As for the smart bulb, you just need to screw in the bulb as usual, and connect to an app, so it’s a simple process. You can use an app to control your bedroom light, or you could just ask the Echo Dot to do it for you. There’s a dimmer feature so you can choose your preferred lighting, which is handy for a room where you can be working, or winding down.

Digital thermometer

This egg-shaped silicone device changes colour to reflect a room’s temperature. It’s designed for a baby’s room, so you can make sure your sleeping children are comfortable. The blue, orange and red lights let you know whether the room is too cold, just right, or too warm, so you can pop in and make any adjustments if needed.

It charges through USB, and also functions as a nightlight.

Smart bedside table

Ralph Smart Bedside Table

While this may look like a fairly unassuming bedside table, it features built-in speakers and a wireless charging station. You can connect your phone through Bluetooth and play your favourite music through your drawers. You can even answer your phone through the speakers. To charge your phone, just place it on the charging icon on top of the drawers, (no more awkward cable reaching) and keep it fuelled up as you sleep.

Its fabric speaker, and stylish look help it blend in as a chic bedroom accessory, and there’s a good-old-fashioned (non-smart) drawer for bedroom storage.

Electric essential oil diffuser

Electric diffuser

Fancy giving your bedroom a spa-like feel after a stressful day? Or perhaps there’s a mysterious smell you want to quickly mask before your visitors arrive. This electric ceramic diffuser fills your room with a soothing and fragrant oil. Just pop in your favourite scent, and let the bedroom gadget mist and infuse away.

There are four different timer settings, and you can choose your preferred light colour too. The diffuser doesn’t come with the oils, so you’ll need to choose those separately.

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