Bianca Belair has a moment at WWE’s SummerSlam

Bianca Belair has been winner of the WWE Universe for approximately 4 months. She rose through the ranks of NXT, wrestled on equally the Raw and SmackDown models, and right after a prosperous title reign on the latter manufacturer again in 2021, she at last became an undisputed champion with a acquire in excess of Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38.

And yet, Lynch in no way fairly let it go and turned her awareness elsewhere.

No, she in its place retained her eyes on the prize and attempted to heel her way again into a match with the “EST of WWE” in the hopes of outperformers the girl with the longest hair in specialist grappling history to become a 3-time Uncooked Woman’s Winner.

Fortuitously for Lynch, that possibility finally came at SummerSlam, but alas, the final result *spoiler warn* was not very what she was hoping for. Using the ring from a floor-degree entrance ramp, Lynch marched to the ring sporting a “Phoenix” from the X-Gentlemen-encouraged outfit, likely to signify her soaring from the ashes, and was immediately crushed down by the even bigger, more robust performer from ideal down the street in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Evidently the enthusiast favored in the match, Belair pushed the tempo, sent significant-time blows, and, irrespective of a number of heelish moves by her foe, was in a position to fall a single heck of a finisher to safe the 1-2-3 and an opportunity to hoist the Raw Women’s championship over her head in victory. Even though the section did not just end there, and the return of Bayley will eventually overshadow Belair’s moment, for a moment, the hometown lady acquired to rejoice her win in the center of the ring even though the fans assembled in the Tennessee Titan’s property stadium cheered her on.

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