The health effects of too much gaming - Harvard Health

The video game business is on the rise today and is anticipated to be booming in the upcoming years. It is estimated that there are around 2,8 billion gamers over the world in 2021 and this number can increase.

Adults and youngsters are playing video games for a variety of reasons and perceive them as a time to unwind or take it to the level of competitions. Regardless of their motivation, gaming comes with a pack of benefits and downsides.

Excesses in playing video games and not taking care of physical and mental state can lead to health problems and the need to search for medications from Mexican pharmacy online.

So what are frequent health problems associated with playing video games?

 Arm and wrist injuries

Playing video games can negatively affect your posture if you haven’t adjusted the space around, but it will surely influence your arms and wrists in any case.

Using a mouse for long periods can bring about carpal tunnel syndrome, a state when nerves in your hands are compressed and you feel numbness and weakness in them. Using other devices for gaming also can bring such injuries as trigger finger, de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, and tennis elbow. Preventing these states is the key, but if you are already experiencing pain, take medication from a Mexican pharmacy to relieve it.


 Any activity that includes sitting in one position for a long time is a risk factor for developing obesity and gaming is not an exclusion. You may become so caught up in the virtual world that you will forget to move from your desk or sofa. Also, you can be driven to take unhealthy snacks during gaming, which only adds to the risk of putting on a lot of kilos.

That’s why it’s important to stand up and move during your gaming sessions along with having other daily physical activities, right nutrition and taking supplements from a certified Mexican pharmacy if needed.

 Sleep deprivation

 Even if you don’t play video games all night, there are still risks of sleep deprivation if the gaming is excessive. It was found that 30 to 60 hours of gaming can cause problems with sleep. You will find it difficult to fall asleep at night, feel fatigued during the day and consider taking sleeping pills from an online Mexican pharmacy.

Playing video games in the evening makes your brain overstimulated before bedtime. Gaming that includes violence or horror elements can affect your mental state as well. It is especially relevant to children who may have interrupted sleep and nightmares due to playing these types of games.

Internet gaming disorder (IGD)

 Another way video games can negatively influence your mental state is by making you addicted to gaming. It happens because playing video games releases dopamine in your body, a chemical that brings a feeling of pleasure and excitement. Your brain learns that the release is associated with gaming and makes you crave this activity.

There are ways to prevent developing serious types of addictions such as Internet gaming disorder (IGD). It is important to notice warning signs you or someone you know has IGD.

 Signs of internet gaming disorder include:

 ● loss or violation of control over one’s game behavior;

● withdrawal symptoms when gaming is not possible, including depressive state, anxiety, aggression;

● gaming is becoming a top priority in life;

● duration of gaming sessions constantly increases.

 If you prioritize your physical and mental health over gaming, most likely you will not develop any of the above problems. If you need any treatment, look for medications from the best Mexican pharmacy website