COM’s Baley wins title at Junior National Championships

City of Midland Aquatics had a national champion crowned on its home pool on Monday.

Isabel Baley won the girls’ 14-15 1-meter national title during Monday’s competition of the USA Diving Junior National Championships at COM Aquatics.

Baley scored 374.75 points to finish ahead of Anna Lemkin, of Stanford Diving, who had 369.75. COM’s Emma Rhines finished fifth with 343.75 points.

This was Baley’s second career junior national title as she had won the 1-meter title in 2019 as an 11-and-under diver. Baley also qualified for a spot on the 2022 FINA World Junior Championships team.

“It was amazing to be at my home pool. I didn’t have to travel and I could sleep in my own bed, so that was really nice,” Baley told USA Diving. “I was really proud of myself. I think finals went a lot better than my semifinal. (Qualifying for junior worlds) was like a dream for me. It still doesn’t feel real to me. I’m so grateful I had this opportunity.”

Also winning titles were Josh Hedberg (Indiana International School of Diving) in the boys’ 14-15 3-meter; Bayleigh Cranford (Triad Diving Academy) in the girls’ 16-18 platform; and Max Fowler (Alexandria Dive Club) in the boys’ 16-18 3-meter.

Hedberg won his second title in as many days as he won the platform event on Sunday. It was also his seventh career title.

Hedberg scored 507.95 points to claim the gold. Mason Mankey, also of the Indiana International School of Diving, scored 431.30 points for silver and a spot on the junior world team.

Cranford won her first junior national title with 448.20 points to finish first in the 16-18 girls’ platform final after placing third in the semifinals earlier in the day. Avery Worobel (Woodlands Diving Academy) also qualified for junior worlds with her second-place score of 442.15. 

Fowler scored 644.90 points to win the boys’ 16-18 3-meter title a day after taking bronze on 1-meter. Max Weinrich (Dominion Dive Club), the 1-meter gold medalist, scored 621.35 for the 3-meter silver. Nick Harris (TNT Diving) finished third with 595.95 points and also qualified for junior worlds because Weinrich will turn 19 before the end of the year.

The Junior National Championships wrap up Tuesday with the 14-15 girls on platform, the 14-15 boys on 1-meter, the 16-18 boys on platform and the 16-18 girls on 3-meter.


USA Diving Junior National Championships

At COM Aquatics’ O’Shaugnessy Diving Center

Monday’s final results


14-15 1-meter – 1. Isabel Baley, COM, 374.75; 2. Anna Lemkin, Stanford Diving, 369.75; 3. Molly Gray, Stanford Diving, 368.50; 4. Avaleigh Westfall, Sunshine Dive Club, 353.95; 5. Emma Rhines, COM, 343.75; 6. Madeline Kohel, RipFest, 334.85; 7. Marleigh Dasilva, Dominion Dive Club, 333.70; 8. Quintila Fidanza, RipFest, 333.65; 9. Juliette Landi, Woodlands Diving Academy, 324.90; 10. Amelia Rinehart, The Indiana International School of Diving, 322.00; 11. Maizie Sanchez, Razorback Diving Club, 315.10; 12. Ava Brinkman, Gator Dive Club, 314.85

16-18 platform – 1. Bayleigh Cranford, Triad Diving Academy, 448.20; 2. Avery Worobel, Woodlands Diving Academy, 442.15; 3. Katerina Hoffman, Knight Diving Academy, 416.25; 4. Mia Prusiecki, The Indiana International School of Diving, 401.10; 5. Emilie Moore, Coral Springs Diving, 396.70; 6. Gloria Lai, Stanford Diving, 394.60; 7. Margaret Lambdin, Longhorn Aquatics, 384.55; 8. Taylor Fox, Mission Viejo, 378.55; 9. Isabella YX Chen, McCormick Divers, 376.25; 10. Bailee Sturgill, RipFest, 367.40; 11. Lily White, Wolverine Diving, 363.45; 12. Samantha Helmboldt, COM, 350.30


14-15 3-meter – 1. Joshua Hedberg, The Indiana International School of Diving, 507.95; 2. Madison Mankey, The Indiana International School of Diving, 431.30; 3. Ivor Brown, Dominion Dive Club, 420.20; 4. Nathaniel Grannis, Dominion Dive Club, 412.80; 5. Owen Wall, GC Diving, 388.30; 6. Chase Shipp, Crown Valley Divers, 376.95; 7. Tuck Gregory, Moss Farms Diving, 361.20; 8. Max Van Stone, Clayton Diving Alliance, 358.20; 9. Tristan Yang, New York Dive Club, 353.30; 10. Matthew Wong, New York Dive Club, 345.30; 11. Jasper Nemeth, Los Angeles Dive Club, 343.85; 12. James Boardman, Ft. Lauderdale Diving Team, 314.15

16-18 3-meter – 1. Max Fowler, Alexandria Dive Club, 644.90; 2. Maxwell Weinrich, Dominion Dive Club, 621.35; 3. Nicholas Harris, TNT Diving, 595.95; 4. Joshua Sollenberger, The Indiana International School of Diving, 590.55; 5. Daniel Knapp, East Valley Dive Club, 580.90; 6. Jacob Welch, Mission Viejo, 567.20; 7. Luke Forester, RipFest, 553.60; 8. Joshua Thai, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 548.00; 9. Bennett Greene, Tennessee Diving, 536.80; 10. Tyler Read, Alexandria Dive Club, 519.60; 11. Holden Higbie, RipFest, 486.75; 12. Conor Gesing, TNT Diving, 478.30