If you’ve been contemplating getting your credit report cleaned up then you’re probably aware that there are options to hire a credit repair specialist. What is the role of such a person or company? Going through a third party can be very beneficial if one or all of your credit reports are filled with questionable items and errors, as it saves you a lot of energy, work, and time. For some people, the DIY solution is doable since there might just be an error or two that doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to clear up.

However, if you think you won’t be able to clear everything up yourself, or you simply lack the time and patience to wait around for the credit bureaus and lenders to respond to your requests, then it’s a good idea to work with a credit repair agency. The legitimate ones work with consumers to clean up as much as they possibly can from the reports by using all legal means necessary, and then help them with the rebuilding process.

There are obviously plenty of scams out there, which probably isn’t surprising to you. A few red flags to look for include: asking for money upfront, making specific guarantees and promises, setting unrealistic goals, agreeing to take on your case without first even taking a look at your credit reports, a bunch of negative reviews and complaints, and so forth.

Credit Repair Specialists With Free Consultation

Only work with a credit repair specialist who is willing to give you a FREE consultation as the very first step. It helps if the person is a lawyer or works in a company that has lawyers in its network. They will either ask you to show them your reports or they might use software to pull it to review the information. From there, they should be completely up-front with you about whether or not there is anything they can help you with, and if so, what the processes will be.

When reading reviews, check and see what the reviewers are saying about a particular company or specialist’s communication and customer service. You should choose a company that is good about keeping their clients up-to-date with what is going on and to notify them of each and every step.

As for payment, fees are sometimes categorized in tiers depending on the amount of services you need, with the most basic of services (bureau challenges and creditor interventions) being the cheapest option.

It’s a given that you will probably get the best credit repair specialist if you choose a highly-regarded organization such as Lexington Law. Discounts are sometimes available for military personnel. This organization has offices in several states, and not just Kentucky. If it’s available in your state, you’ll definitely want to get your free consultation.

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