I walked into my bedroom not too long ago and all of the sudden realized how boring it had become.  As I looked down on the tired bed with its familiar bedspread and faded pillow cases, I realized I needed a revitalization, I needed a change, and I needed it quick. 

The thought quickly crossed my mind… A new king size sleigh style bed, with the beautiful deep red hardwood headboard, covered with a new set of matching comforter, sheets, pillows and pillow shams.  I could almost feed the firm new mattress underneath my back as I caved into it after a hard day…  Then I imagined in my minds eye the matching dresser against the wall with a nice new mirror sitting on top. 

My thought pattern stopped dead in its tracks when the price for each component began to tally up in my mind.  I figured five or so hundred dollars here, a thousand or two there, four more hundred there.  There was no way.  I quickly began to search down other roads in my mind for a solution. 

I looked back at my bed and dresser.  They were not bad and didn’t necessarily need replacement.  The bed fit perfectly in my room.   It was certainly comfortable and nothing wrong with it at all.  The dresser held all of my stuff and then some.  I had paid a good chunk of change and there really was nothing wrong with either of them.  The dresser and bed were purchased together in a set and they were indeed a very tasteful set.  And after all, they were only about three years old.  Perhaps they just needed a facelift or something new to give them a little pizzazz? 

I checked for solutions and it immediately came to me.  I had received a new down comforter as a gift for my birthday, why not just get a new duvet cover for it?  This solution seemed easy enough.  But what about the pillow cases and shams?  Maybe I could find a set to match and pull everything together! 

I wanted something classy; something elegant.  Perhaps a white or taupe colored set of at least 200-thread count.  Well, I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for — an Egyptian Cotton 400-thread count duvet set with matching sheets, pillow cases and pillow shams. I added it all to my existing bed and felt like I had the next best thing to the new bedroom set I had previously envisioned!

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