The right display is a highly important aspect of any business that deals in the storing and distribution of food. If your business uses freezers, you may already know that they can be an expensive item to run. However, by taking care of it, you can ensure that you run your freezers as efficiently as possible. Here’s how.

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Allow air to circulate well

The placement of your display freezer is key, with those backed into a tight space or against a wall more likely to overheat. Leave plenty of space behind the freezer to allow good air circulation and prevent it from causing excess heat, which could ultimately cause the freezer to stop functioning completely.

Maintain regularly

Whilst you should always maintain the contents of your freezer by checking best before dates and ensuring that it is not overfilled you also need to regularly maintain the freezer itself. In addition to keeping the surface clean, you should also check the condenser, evaporator coils and door gaskets to allow maximum efficiency.

Check the energy rating

If you are in the process of buying a new freezer, keep an eye on the energy star rating to find the most efficient model. You may find that the cost increases when the rating is higher; however, a more efficient freezer will save you money overall.

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Use LED lighting

Choosing a freezer which has adequate lighting is important when choosing your new appliance. Some forms of lighting give off excess heat meaning that they will use more energy in the process. Always choose a freezer with LED lighting to prevent the lighting source from giving off too much heat, such as the options found here LED is also particularly durable in cold conditions so you can ensure that you are getting the most from your lighting.

Turn door heaters off

Occasionally you may find that the front of your freezer doors has excess frost, leaving your products hard to see. This is where using a door heater comes in handy; however, if your glass is clear, you should consider turning the heater off in order to save energy costs. If you do find frost or water dripping, you should make use of the heater, but in most cases, the heater only uses more energy needlessly.