How do agents and brokers successfully market real estate with YouTube? Why does it seem that some agents find huge success with video advertising on YouTube while others fail miserably? If you’re wondering if there are secrets to what they’re doing or a method to the madness…there is, and this article will cover those things.

In addition, this article will cover what some of the most successful real estate agents and companies doing differently through the internet and what you can do to copy their strategies. More importantly, I’ll reveal the number one mistake most agents make when it comes to online strategies and how to avoid it.

The last time I checked my keyword research tool, there were over 74,000 monthly searches being done (on Google alone) by people wanting to know how to make money with YouTube videos. No doubt, those who have learned how to incorporate YouTube advertising, along with other powerful internet marketing techniques, have learned the recipe for a powerful online marketing campaign. They are the brokers who are experiencing a huge increase in the number of homes they list and sell. They are the agents who have engaged the future of real estate in the E-World we live in.

Before we dive into the subject here, as an internet marketer, you’ll need get your mind around the goal of online marketing. The goal cannot be money or income here. I tell my mentoring students over and over again…the goal with any online strategy is traffic. If you drive enough traffic, the money will follow. Make sense?

  • Is this stuff easy to learn? Yes.
  • Does it work? Yes it does!
  • How do I know? Because you’re here or watching one of my videos right now.

Be careful, some “trainers” online will mistakenly teach you that all you need to do is put together a few videos and voila instant success… or, another “guru” might be eager to sell you his/her magic program for YouTube marketing. Just be careful.

Simply posting videos is good, but knowing a few techniques to optimize your video is better. There are many low/no cost internet marketing techniques you can use to optimize your video’s. YouTube is a very good “part” of our total online marketing plan, but it shouldn’t be considered a stand-alone in your marketing effort.

Steps of a successful YouTube marketing video:

  1. Don’t get frustrated: It takes a little time to build enough content to get found on a regular basis, but it can be done, and it can be very rewarding if you stick to it.
  2. Keywords: Know what the customer/client is already searching for online. This is done through keyword and keyword phrase research. If you provide a better answer than your competitor, you win!
  3. Title: What will you name your video? Your title is very important (remember keywords) and should link from your other online marketing techniques, like posts, blogs, etc.
  4. Description: The description is super important, and many people don’t use it at all! Make sure you include a link to your landing page or website. I recommend a landing page or “squeeze” page since most agent websites don’t have a good lead capture system.
  5. Tags: Don’t discount the need for tags. The biggest mistake I’ve seen is people on YouTube either discounting the importance of tags, they don’t understand them, or they add tags incorrectly. If done wrong, tags can hurt your marketing efforts, but if done right, it can really give your online presence a boost. When adding tags, you want to think about relevancy and use the information you learned in your keyword research. Tags are important, they help you get found.

Don’t fall into the trap that many real estate agents do with their online marketing plans. I see two costly mistakes over and over:

  • Depending on a third-party to “handle” all their SEO and internet marketing strategies. Most the time the hired third-party is not going to do all that should be done and doesn’t benefit you one single iota!
  • Mistakenly “advertise” online. The key to internet marketing is to become the hunted, not the hunter. We are simply answering questions to what the potential customer/client is already looking for. When we advertise, we are hunting down a possible customer/client who needs our products or services. Know the difference before you start.

So there you go… in a nutshell… your crash course into how to market real estate through YouTube advertising. Remember, the principles of marketing online are the same as offline. Once your content gets ranked, you must present yourself to be a little better at what you do… a little more professional… and a little more approachable than the competitor. Anyone can learn the techniques to rank your video or other content on the internet, but not everyone is good at marketing, so you might need to brush up on the old presentation to get the opt-in traffic.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps you out.

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