Using dirty talk with your partner can be one of the healthiest things you do to add some much needed spice into the bedroom. If you are nervous about using erotic talk than I hope this article can help. Most sex therapists agree that talking dirty is an easy way to revive passion between two people. So many couples are already using this type of talk to kick things up, and you can too! Read on for some great tips that can make the entire thing so much easier.

My first tip is that before you use dirty talk with your partner you need to talk to them. Sit down and have an open discussion about the fact that you want to use erotic talk. This talk can help you avoid any awkward moments as you will discover what words are acceptable to your partner. This talk can also act as a way of warming the subject up.

The second tip I recommend is that you need to relax and be yourself. Practice in a mirror beforehand if it will help you feel more at ease with this language. Take a deep breath and let the words flow from you. Do your best to sound natural. Everyone has a naughty side to them and now is the time to tap into yours!

This third tip is a great, natural ice-breaker. Give your lover a sexy compliment! Tell them hot you think they look, or let them know how great they make you feel when they do certain things to you. Everyone loves a compliment, right?

The most important part is to have fun. I hope that you find that using dirty talk helps make things that much more exciting in the bedroom. Happy love-making!

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