Is best Mexican food in Phoenix or Tucson? Valley 101 podcast digs in

Testal in downtown Phoenix offers burritos, gorditas and other dishes from northern Mexico.

Wherever is the finest Mexican food items in the U.S.? Which significant metropolis has the best Mexican meals in Arizona? These are sophisticated questions fueled with fiery debates and passionate proclamations.

Googling the questions delivers up all sorts of solutions. Even so, Arizona metropolitan areas continue being at the prime of the countrywide dialogue.

A single city is a UNESCO Town of Gastronomy, in major component due to the fact of the Mexican food stuff scene. It is value noting that it is the first city in the United States to gain this difference, and it truly is rubbing shoulders with culinary giants like Phuket, Thailand, and Parma, Italy. 

You may possibly assume, and very understandably, that this city ought to have the greatest Mexican food items in the state. If the earth recognizes it, so need to you. 

But it’s not that very simple.

Tucson is home to “the best 23 miles of Mexican food,” but if you dig a little deeper into its culinary offerings you’ll find not only great food from south of the border, but a lot of other amazing, flavorful creativity that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Oh, and that town with the fancy title? It is Tucson. It boasts 23 miles of high quality Mexican meals.

On the other hand, Phoenix is additional than joyful to action into the ring to duke it out over which metro area has the greatest Mexican food items. With literally hundreds of retailers, from humble food stuff vans to exquisitely higher-brow dining ideas, Phoenix holds its own as a culinary contender.

This 7 days, Valley 101 plays referee between two Mexican foodstuff heavyweights: Phoenix and Tucson. Which do you assume does Mexican very best?

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