With all of the hotly debated matters in the planet right now, it may surprise you that the household decor business has just one of its individual.

Can you set up two diverse hardwood ground colors in your household?

Individuals have robust views 1 way or the other.

Designers will frequently explain to you it is one of the greatest fake-pas in the market. They’ll tell you two different species, variations, or hardwood shades will be a decorating nightmare.

However some home owners never head at all.

If you shift into an older residence, the preceding entrepreneurs may perhaps have mounted hardwood in pick rooms. It’s in superior form, and you want to hold it. Nevertheless matching it isn’t achievable. The grain sample no lengthier exists, and you just can’t locate the specific plank size and width. They really do not want to scrap excellent hardwood for the sake of sameness in the course of the dwelling place.

And that’s in which option rises.

Different species imply distinct prospect

Is It Okay To Have Two Different Hardwood Floor Colors?All over the yrs, the hardwood marketplace has had common production procedures in put. The most frequent species for hardwood flooring contain:

  • Ash
  • Black walnut
  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Pink oak
  • White oak

Odds are if you have hardwood presently in spot, it is from a single of these species of trees.

Of program, there are several other species readily available. Exotic hardwood has been an business specialty for as long as hardwood flooring has been well-known.

If you go again 20, forty, or even sixty yrs ago, processing was distinct. What producer you selected and the installer’s beliefs all dictated how your closing flooring appeared. Every single option made its have one of a kind characteristics and overall look, and it’s demanding to change that right now without the need of ripping it out.

If that is not an option, you’re automatically on the road for getting a unique seem and truly feel as you transfer from place to room.

Advantages of employing the exact hardwood throughout

In many conditions, it will make perception to transform out all of your flooring at the exact time. It makes transition, move, and provides a coloration palette relaxing to the eye.

It is a wonderful way to harmonize every little thing about your living place.

It also makes considerably less of a mess. Installing hardwood isn’t an “in and out” procedure. The planks will will need time to acclimate to your house. Dependent on whether or not it is prefinished or unfinished, you might require further time for staining, finishing, and curing. It is substantially less complicated to do this all at when, get in, and spend the time needed to do it correct the to start with time.

It can also lead to charge discounts by obtaining in bulk. In numerous circumstances, you’ll get a better selling price for ordering more product. The installer is there anyway why not have them get the full position performed?

It’s difficult to argue with these pros. Which is why you’ll locate a robust argument for sticking to just one hardwood palette all through your property.

But it does not normally make sense.

Two diverse hardwood flooring colours can make a whole lot of perception

Just mainly because you can find a great deal of arguments about why 1 colour, just one ground, would make feeling, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the appropriate choice for you.

It is your property!

And that by itself is explanation adequate to use your possess judgment when putting in flooring.

The most frequent purpose why individuals conclude up with far more than a single hardwood coloration and pattern in their homes is owing to the expense. It can be high-priced to install hardwood through your household. If which is your greatest goal, it frequently would make much more perception to set up it area by place.

That decreases the likelihood of becoming capable to match up your flooring selections.

Hardwood fades as it acclimates to your property. Even buying the same model, colour, and sample can be slightly off from ton to great deal.

If the colors won’t match up, doesn’t it make extra feeling to transfer toward complementary shades alternatively of making an attempt to match?

Strategies for working with a lot more than one hardwood flooring type

If you’re incorporating to present hardwood, alternatively of worrying about matching, use these guidelines to area two or additional colors together.

Dark and light-weight alongside one another

As a substitute of sticking with the exact same color hue, go to reverse ends of the spectrum rather. Dark hardwood can insert intimacy to a place. It might be the fantastic choice for a master suite. For a child’s bedroom, err on the facet of light hardwood and mild wall colour to generate a new, open up physical appearance anybody will be snug “hanging out” in.

Complementary alternatively of match

Persons normally get a choice of shades dwelling, trying to match existing hardwood as intently as possible. Decide on a complementary color as a substitute. Lay them aspect by facet and decide which is most pleasing to the eye. Then use T-molding or wooden borders to different rooms where it will make most sense – doorways are great choices.

Modify direction

Folks are acclimated to working hardwood planks parallel to the way the space runs. As a substitute, what if you ran it diagonal throughout the room? Transfer absent from a regular course from one finish of the house to one more. Transforming instructions can be plenty of of a adjust to pull your eye absent from the various colors, and aim additional on the room design alone.


If you have a certain hardwood in put, you can use the identical species, and refinish it to match the new flooring you lay into place. While it still doesn’t ensure to take in the new
stain and end in exactly the exact same method, it is the finest way to try to obtain the very same colour tone for all the rooms that have hardwood.

What is your desire? 

Finally, what you pick out to set up inside of your household is a personalized alternative, and entirely up to you.


If you are not quite positive what to do, arrive in and use any of our product sales associate’s awareness to assistance you generate a residing setting you’re very pleased to connect with home.

With so a lot of selections on the sector currently, there are quick techniques to create the house of your dreams.

How can we support you pick out the right hardwood flooring for every single room in your house?