A person morning, when Meilin Lee woke from troubled desires, she identified herself remodeled in her bed into a horrible vermin.

Thankfully, Meilin (Rosalie Chiang) does not transform into an insect like Gregor Samsa, the protagonist of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” but alternatively, takes the variety of an oversized fluffy purple panda. Meilin is as stunned and horrified as Samsa himself, but thankfully, “Turning Red” is so exciting and exuberant that one particular could not probably refer to it as “Kafkaesque.”

The utterly charming and insightful “Turning Red,” directed by Domee Shi, penned by Shi and Julia Cho is a story that is highly, and unapologetically unique, but common in its themes.

Mei is a 13-year-previous Chinese Canadian girl hoping to navigate the turbulent waters of eighth grade in the early 2000s. At university, she’s buoyed by her trio of most effective close friends, and their shared passion for the boy band 4*Town, but at dwelling, operating at her family’s temple, making an attempt to please her discerning mother Ming (Sanda Oh), Mei is not the sassy, self-possessed female whose buddies adore her unconditionally.

“Turning Red” is a tale about finding out to be your self, and all the growing pains that go together with it, a approach that’s hard adequate devoid of the one of a kind trait handed down to all the girls in Mei’s family. Meilin’s blessing (and curse) is a mystical reward from her warrior girl ancestor Sunshine Yi, who channeled the spirit of the crimson panda spirit to defend her relatives and village.