Amanda’s new e-book, Feng Shui for the Soul is a persuasive yet educational how-to, centered on harmonizing your life by way of the historic practice of Feng Shui, and her proprietary system, The Best 5 Disruptors™.

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Gates’ hottest book commences with her own journey on how she drops out of med college to abide by her instinct into Feng Shui and inside design. Feng Shui for the Soul goes over and above other publications on the issue to motivate the reader to go away from the widespread religious methods of meditation, prayer, and character to instruct the reader how to really cultivate Chi, or electricity, through their households, and why it seriously issues. Gates does this by indulging the reader into her personal proprietary procedure and how to repair the top rated 5 disruptors in your existence that are small-circuiting your Feng Shui.

“I’m asking people today to step out of logic, and get a glimpse behind the curtain to understand some thing new. This will teach that you have the power to manipulate electrical power and transform your lifestyle for the improved even with what conditioning has taught you.”

Amanda is a skillfully skilled Interior Designer, Sophisticated Feng Shui Practitioner, Podcaster, Author, and award-successful blogger. She has seamlessly married inside design and Feng Shui for in excess of 20 several years to help clients reach spaces that feel as attractive as they glance. Just lately, Amanda turned a actual estate agent to support even more her client’s objectives. Now she can support them come across, build and decorate their great energy-aligned dwelling. For more facts on “Feng Shui for the Soul: How to Attain Far more Ohm from Your House,” please take a look at

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