(BPT) – Small interior spaces are full of big challenges, especially bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas where every square foot of floor (and wall) space is valuable real estate. Cozy can be comfy, but close quarters with conventional swinging doors can cramp your lifestyle. A practical alternative, sliding pocket doors make the most of small interiors, allowing you to add furniture, lighting, storage, or wall décor.

Precision-engineered in the USA since 1958, Johnson Hardware’s innovative pocket door frame hardware helps you realize any smaller room’s potential. Used in place of a traditional swinging door, a sliding pocket door opens up to 14 square feet of usable floor space in any room — space with big possibilities.

Bathrooms and toilet rooms with swing-in doors are awkward spaces to navigate. But boosting usable space is a breeze with Johnson’s 1500SC Series Soft-Close Pocket Door Frame Kit with all-steel split studs, which expands your bathroom’s horizons with a stylish sliding door. When installed with 1515-PLY pocket door frame reinforcement clip set and 5/8” thick plywood, you can even add towel racks, shelving, cabinetry, or tiles to pocket door walls while conserving enough space to move around with ease.

For home offices that double as a guest room, Johnson’s Converging 1562 Series Bypass Pocket Door Frame Kit is an ideal choice. This heavy-duty hardware handles doors up to 200 lbs. each, such as transom-style panels that help create an open, airy aesthetic (doors not included). Trackless Door Guides leave floors unobstructed.

Johnson’s high-quality 1500SC Series Soft-Close Pocket Door Frame hardware ensures smooth, quiet operation, enhancing living quality and freeing up the square footage swinging doors consume. The hardware is compatible with most door styles, including wood with clear or frosted glass panels, solid or paneled wood, solid metal, metal with glass panels, mirror panels, and more. The durable hardware handles door panels up to 165 lbs. and 1” to 1 3/4” thick and up to 60” wide.

A tidy-looking pocket door is the perfect fit for a laundry room. Your door tucks into the wall for an obstacle-free entrance. It also closes snugly to quiet machine noise and camouflage laundry room clutter. With soft-closing pocket door hardware, the door speed slows down gradually, preventing slams and pinched hands.

A sliding pantry pocket door spices up any kitchen with the right mix of form and function. It serves as a warm accent that hides culinary clutter and ensures convenient access to pantry staples. Shown is Johnson’s Series 2000 Heavy-Duty Pocket Door Frame Kit.

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