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Homeowners Association (HOA) management becomes the critical factor that decides the success or failure of a community or neighbourhood. It is also important to understand that self-managed associations will not be able to sufficiently handle the various problems that can arise in a community. So it is important to hire the best association management company that can add value to the community and improve the quality of life. Since states like Texas are more prone to weather-related risks, efficient HOA management can also help speed up the community’s maintenance and upkeep.  Therefore, a HOA management company is necessary to help improve the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the community.

Responsibilities of a HOA Management Company

Unlike popular belief, the association management company creates neither the community rules and policies nor the penalties for violation of those policies. Worthross Association Management Texas that the main responsibility of a HOA management company is enforcing the policies that were created by the association’s board of directors and help govern the community on behalf of them. Some of the main roles and responsibilities of a Homeowners Association management company are listed below


HOA management companies need to act as a conduit between association managers and the members, and also manage vendor communications. Generally, association managers will also send notices about annual meetings to the community members and respond to letters from owners.


HOA management companies collect assessments and make sure that the bills & taxes are paid. In most cases, association management companies like Worthross will also produce financial statements and implement the budget policy.

 Record Maintenance

HOA management companies also maintain the records of the community or neighbourhood on behalf of the association. This includes maintaining the files for deeds and maintenance and any association policies that have been created by the board. Some association management companies can also produce copies of surveys and assessments that are required by each association.

 Property Maintenance

HOA management companies are in-charge of hiring, monitoring, evaluating and terminating vendors that work with the community. The company will also act as a property management company and handle repairs and upkeep of the common areas and amenities. Furthermore, association management companies are also expected to respond to various emergency situations as soon as possible. https://www.worthross.com/our-key-locations/texas/home-owners-association-management/


Association management companies also provide valuable advice to the community association’s board of directors. Since most of the companies have vast experience in the field, they can also refer the association board to other professional advisors like attorneys, auditors, engineers, etc. Association management companies can also provide referrals to vendors and professionals when needed. A few association management companies also offer legal services as well as consultation and are experts in all HOA-related laws and regulations.

Since association management, especially HOA management, is a complicated task, it is important to find the right company for the job. Worthross is a leading association management company in Texas that has more than two decades of experience in managing homeowners associations, condo associations and luxurious high rises. If you are on the lookout for an experienced association management company, you can choose Worthross.