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Chances are that you live in Coimbatore or have your vacation spot there that you are looking to get designed. Coimbatore is getting the eyes of luxury hunters lately. People are shifting at this heavenly place. Coimbatore serves people with a perfect balance between natural and modern. And this shift has called for many of India’s best luxury property builders. Like Radvi, best interior designers in Coimbatore have started to serve the seekers too. But sometimes it becomes hard to choose the best among the bests. We understand it and thus we are here to help you out.

The best interior designing companies do not get defined by the price they put but by the expertise they show.

Best interior designers in Coimbatore!

Coimbatore is a new addition to the land full of luxury villas. People are turning the steering of their cars towards this green yet developed land. But considering the amount of space that these villas do hold, the number of interior designers is not very big. However, there still are few expert players who have been in the real estate industry for decades and work throughout India.

We’ll give you a brief about the best Interior designers in Coimbatore. This list will be in a reverse chronological order. We’ll reveal to you the companies from worst to best.

5 – Thaw Interiors!

This company has been in the business since the start of the year 2002. When it was formed, architect Prasanth headed it with the charge. The company believes in shaping the home with the right amount of expertise and less amount of money. The company provides services from kids bedroom to wardrobe designs, playroom, dining hall, home theater system, kitchen designs, etc. However, there is no confirmation if this company provides the services in the luxury class and provide pools and gyms or not.

If you want to contact them, they have a Facebook page where they receive the queries. You may search them out and contact them directly. But, before it, let’s look at the other expert players in the market.

4 – Ricco Interiors

It is considered among the top companies in Coimbatore when it comes to interior designing services. They claim to hold expertise in the field of modular kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, etc. Another expertise that they claim is the service of the turnkey projects. They provide 3D rendering of the designs. This helps the clients visualize the final outcome that they’ll see before they start spending money in the actual project. This company has been in the business of interior designing since 2019. Thus, we may say that it does not hold ages-old expertise as compared to other players.

The drawback that this company holds is that it is not an expert in the home automation system. A modern house is rarely considered luxurious if it does not have the home automation system installed in it. Thus, if you are looking to get an interior design with a smart automation system aligned, we suggest you go for Radvi, best Interior Designers in Coimbatore, which we’ll discuss later. Apart from home automation, this company also does not deal in designing of the pool area and gym. They do not seem to be having a website as yet, so we suggest you contact them directly. Their email is [email protected].

3 – Finelook Interiors

This interior company has been in business since the year 2010. It believes in doing things creatively with a touch of uniqueness. It works around space planning and interior designing. The services offered by this company range from apartments to homes, villas, buildings, offices, gyms, playgrounds, bars, shops, etc. However, the drawback that this company holds is that it does not hold expertise in the field of merging home automation systems with interior design.

If you want to go for a reasonable player then it will work fine for you. But know that considering that it has been in the industry for a decade alone. Thus, it might not hold expertise in different design styles like minimalistic, victorian, Scandinavian, gothic, etc. that other India’s best luxury property builders hold.

2 – Royal Interiors

It is considered to be a good name among the present players in the field of interior designing in Coimbatore. When we talk of the best interior designers in Coimbatore, this company gets some share in it too. It has been in business since the year 2006. This means that it is comparatively older than the other companies and thus holds comparatively more knowledge.

It deals in services like modular kitchens, living rooms, TV wall units, bathrooms, flooring, dining room, etc. This company considers itself to be a good competitor in the field of contemporary designs. Thus, if you are a fan of contemporary design, you may consider looking for this company.

1 – Radvi !

When we talk of an expert in the field of real estate services, we talk of Radvi. Radvi, the best Interior Designers in Coimbatore, has been in the business for over 3 decades. This company works in megacities all through India like Goa, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore, etc. The best thing about Radvi is that it is licensed and serves all the real estate services one can ever need.

  • Real estate consultancy
  • Building and Architect services
  • Interior Designing services
  • Home Automation
  • Home renovation
  • Swimming pools and gyms
  • High end luxury villas, homes, and apartments
  • land consultation

This all in one expertise is what has led to Radvi’s growth throughout India. If you live in Coimbatore and are looking for an expert solution for your dear home, Radvi is your name. It is considered to be one of India’s best luxury property builders. The way it handles everything from paperwork to the final output puts comfort at the hearts of its clients.

When it comes to home automation systems, there is no other player currently in Coimbatore that matches the level of expertise it does hold. Home Automation is considered to be a vital part of modern luxury. Who would not want to monitor and operate their home from miles and miles away? Who would not want to get their plants irrigated even when they are not around? It is sheer luxury and comfort. Furthermore, it provides services in various architectural styles. For example, it works on minimalist style, modern style, contemporary, victorian, Gothic, Tuscan, Bungalow, etc. This provides the client with the freedom to choose any design style of choice.


These are all the top interior designers that are currently in the market in Coimbatore. Considering the amount of expertise, we would suggest you to look for Radvi and get yourself consulted. Radvi is one of the best Interior Designers in Coimbatore currently. Visit their website to surf through all their different services listed. Check out other companies if you think they are slightly better in other terms. Home is something that we all invest once in our lives, make your decision rationally.