The pandemic caused major changes in everyone’s life. You are now forced to stay at home almost every day and wear masks whenever you are outside. If you have kids, you also witness their struggles in making their modules without the supervision of their professors. To add to this, you also know how hard it is for them to attend their classes in front of the screen. If you are a working adult, chances are you have first-hand experience working from home. The workload becomes heavier compared to the face-to-face setup. Virtual meetings are less productive and engaging. After a long day at work, the only thing that you might want to do is to relax and rest. But how can you do it if the house is filled with piles of washing and random paperwork? Corners of the room are filled with dust which can make you more stressed out and unsettled. According to a research study, living in a house full of clutter can increase stress levels as well as induce negative emotions. 

Your home is supposed to be a place where you can unwind and forget the problems caused by your work or by society at large. Have you already identified if your home is making you more depressed? If yes, it is high time that you change the lighting, space, and room design. If you can transform it into a minimalist house, you will then have an effective, functional, and potentially better place for your health. Check out the free home decor tips below to know how you can make the place where you live more practical and organized through the use of minimalist interior design. 

What is a minimalist interior design?

The primary concern of minimalist interior design is to make the place simple, peaceful, and orderly through reduced clutter. It requires the use of an open floor plan, several lights, and simple yet comfortable furnishings. Everything that you would place in the house must be functional. In this way, you are guaranteed that it adds value to space. In a minimalist house, the colors, lines, and shapes of the pieces of furniture must match with one another.

What to expect in a minimalist house? 

White must be the color that is dominant in the room to achieve a minimalist design. You can also incorporate creams and other natural shades. In terms of the wall, make sure that it is flat, smooth, and free from any textured paper. To create an illusion that the place is a cluttered free zone, you must use large pictures or mirrors hanging on the wall instead of using smaller items. Remember not to splurge on pieces of furniture because a large one that can accommodate all of your belongings is enough. The room is expected to be well lit so the use of several lights, such as floor lamps, pendant lights, and led strip is necessary. It can give the place an airy and relaxing ambiance while serving as a decorative touch.

Tips to help you transform a boring home into a minimalist one

  1. Maintain a clean and tidy space

Being surrounded by clutter can never be a relaxing sight. Besides that, it also exposes you to a lot of dust. You will be one step closer to your dream of having a minimalist house if you maintain the cleanliness of the place. You can keep your home clean and tidy if you will get rid of unnecessary items. In addition to this, you can also purchase storage cabinets, baskets, and even trays to serve as a place where you can put things together. In this way, you will be able to live in a house where everything is organized.

  1. Feature an interesting work of art

If you have a minimalist interior design, there is a need to feature an interesting work of art. It can be in the form of an ornate mirror, fancy rug, or an attractive sofa. Whatever it may be, you must make sure that it can be appealing and interesting for you, your family, and your guests. Making an item the focal point of the house can really complement the simple aesthetics of the house. 

  1. Layout the house by placing matching items together

A minimalist-inspired house would need items with the same style and color to highlight its cleanliness and orderliness. For instance, you can place pictures with the same background color in one area of the house. If you are not into taking pictures, you may opt to buy ornaments of the same color and place them in the corner of your house to establish a straightforward yet subtle statement of minimal living. 

  1. Practice the one-in, one-out philosophy

It is human nature to buy items that you will not actually use every day. You will be surprised to see that your empty house is now full of nonessential and unused products covered with dust. They utilize the space without valuable contribution to you. To avoid this from happening again, you have to practice the one-in, one-out philosophy. As a consequence of adding new items to the house, you are required to declutter something else with the same size or bigger. In this way, you will avoid items from piling up in your house which would prevent you from enjoying your minimalist interior design.

  1. Use items made from natural materials

To balance the white walls and sleek lines in your house, you need to add wooden benches or woven baskets that can provide additional storage space. You may also place a few succulents on your living room table to make the place appear brighter. 

In a Nutshell

The minimalist interior design is one of the simplest ways to make your home more conducive for relaxation. It is said to provide the warmth and comfort that other interior designs are not capable of giving. Don’t forget to follow the tips above when you have decided to transform your house into a minimalist one!