When the family gathers in the living room, the atmosphere should feel relaxed. The furnishings in the room should be able to sustain the activity level of your family. This is a room that needs some openness so that kids, pets and adults can easily and comfortably move around in the room.

Accent tables

If you have young children or are planning to start a family, you might want to include circular or oval-shaped tables in your living room. Young children and sharp corners are not a good match. Including accent tables that offer storage space is a good way to keep a busy family room uncluttered. An accent table with an open area underneath provides a good place for a dog bed. Your pet can snooze or observe from its private hide-away.

Choosing Seating

When browsing through living room furniture in Mesa, you’ll notice there’s extensive diversity in the design of accent chairs, individual seating and sofas. The best guideline to follow is to select the seating that is the best fit for the activity level and comfort level of your family. You might want to avoid chairs that have arms with exposed wood. Young children and pets are likely to leave scratches on exposed areas. The upholstery of your living room furniture should be a durable, stain-resistant material.

Specialty Furnishings

It’s nice to create individualized spaces in the living room. One space could include the entertainment center with a sectional sofa or recliners as seating. Another area could be designed as a reading area. It could be furnished with a comfortable accent chair or oversized floor pillows and a bookcase. Benches and ottomans can be incorporated into a family-friendly living room. Their portability makes them a convenient accessory in the room.

Designing a family-friendly living room can lead to lots of family fun time and togetherness. Your guest will feel at ease in a living room that has a casual, relaxed atmosphere. You can do a living makeover that includes elegant furnishings when the kids are grown.