We’ve all experienced that feeling of dread. You know the one – when your foot steps into the puddle of water in your hallway or bedroom – somewhere where there shouldn’t be water. Your mind immediately goes to a plumbing disaster – broken pipes, an overflowing toilet – a million reasons why your floor is now wet.


Plumbing emergencies happen all of the time, especially when you don’t expect them. An emergency can even be expected sometimes. Think about it. Your little boy plunged his dinosaur into the toilet. You tried to grab it before he flushed, but you didn’t make it. Now, you know the toy is somewhere between the bathroom and the septic system – just waiting to cause problems.

Fix It Fast

Maybe you were cooking Grandma’s fried chicken, but there was just so much grease in the pan. Pouring the excess grease down the kitchen sink wouldn’t hurt one time, would it? Oh yes – it certainly will! Now the sink is very slow to drain. It makes a funny sucking sound when the water goes down. This is going to end badly, unless you get help quick. The worst thing you can do is wait around, hoping the problem just resolves itself. Contacting https://www.springfieldplumbermo.com/ can get you a licensed, qualified plumber, one who will handle the problem correctly.

Call The Pro’s

Professionals can evaluate problems like clogged drains in sinks and toilets. They can determine whether a busted pipe or another problem has caused your floor to be soggy. Lastly, but most importantly, after they diagnose the problem – they can fix it. Don’t wait on a friend to come over with a plunger, while your dishwasher is spraying sudsy water all over the kitchen. Chances are, your friend doesn’t know any more than you do about how to fix the problem.

Stop The Damage

Before the hardwood floor in your kitchen becomes permanently warped from water damage, or the toilet water ruins your sheetrock walls, contact a professional. Good plumbers will be available 24-hours a day to handle emergencies. From turning off the main water shut-off, to assessing broken pipes, or fixing clogs – they know how to stop the water and minimize the damage. They can even replace toilets and hot-water heaters.

If your garbage disposal smells and sounds terrible, or if sewage is seeping into your bathtub, call a plumber immediately. After all, you wouldn’t try to do your own surgery – why would you try to fix your own plumbing disasters? Let the professionals handle it for you.