Window Treatments: Which is Perfect For Your Home?

Window treatments offer several options to choose from. All types have the same purpose, to add privacy, control room daylight brightness, and to add appeal to the room. However, homeowners and even decorators get confused as to what is best to use and what is it called. To help you choose which will best suit your needs, here the four basic window treatment types and how they differ from one another.


A curtain is a long fabric that usually made in pairs. It is available in different sizes, textiles, colors, and patterns. You can see curtains in every room, from the living room to bedroom, and even in the kitchen, and bathroom. To hang curtains, you may use rods, metal grommets, rings, or sleeve. Rods are perfect to create a floating fabric effect. 


Cafe curtains are short, light fabric that is best for kitchens and dining areas. Curtains in the bedroom are often placed on top of a blind or shade for added brightness control. Unlike blinds, which are broad and stiff, curtains give off soft and feminine feel to the bedroom.


Drapes are window treatments that use hard textiles. Like curtains, they are made and sold as pairs and uses rods, hooks, and grommets for installation. However, take note that curtains and drapes are two different window treatments. Drapes are lined linen made of heavy fabric to prevent sunlight. Their length is from the top of the window to the floor. On the other hand, curtains are usually light-weighted and sheer. 


The common materials used for drapes are damask, silk, and velvet. Drapes come in various linen styles and solid colors. Also, the top part is pleated, which gives off a romantic and formal feel to a room. Drapes are best for those with sleep problems and for those who work at night. They block out the outside light for the room to be conducive for sleeping.


A shade is a window treatment also made of soft fabric. It also uses rods or frame to install on your windows. However, unlike curtains and drapes, shades are made and sold individually. 


Shades are available in many colors, sizes, and materials. Its mechanism is similar to a blind that uses a cord to control the brightness of the room. The difference is that a shade houston uses the cord to lift it up and down, while the blinds use the cord to control the slats. 


There are several types of shades available in the market. The most popular type of shade houston is the roller shades. It uses a roller mechanism for easy installation and control. Other types include Roman shades, balloon shades, and tie-up shades. Roman shades have pleats, while balloon shades create pouf with fabric. Tie-up shades are flat fabric manually tied with a ribbon to hold them up. 


 A blind is a window treatment that uses a cord to open or close the slats or louvers. You may choose from various materials such as bamboo, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. It is the only window treatment that does not use fabric as one of its materials. Nevertheless, a blind is the perfect choice to control the sunlight without compromising your privacy. 


Blinds are best for living rooms and home offices. They are also available in many colors and wood tones, which makes them easy to blend with other home interior features. Blinds may also be used for bedrooms. To let it compliment the warm, cozy mood of the bedroom, you may top it with a sheer curtain to soften its rigid structure. 


The most popular choice for home improvement is the Venetian or mini blinds. They have a half or one-inch slats and are perfect for your window frame. Another well-loved choice is horizontal louvers, which is best for large windows or sliding doors.


There are four window treatments that you can choose from – curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds. You can pick one, depending on your activity requirement. If you need advice on the design and texture to use, it is best to consult with the experts.