In this article you will discover 5 things bad boys do in the bedroom that make women addicted to sex. Copy these things bad boys do and you’ll make your woman addicted to your lovemaking.

NOTE: Just remember not to behave like a bad boy outside of the bedroom because they tend to treat women poorly (which is not a good thing).

So, with that little warning over, here are…

5 Ways To Be A Bad Boy In The Bedroom And Blow Your Woman’s Mind

1. Take Charge And Be A Real Man

Women like strong, sexually confident men. Bad boys are those kinds of guys.

To demonstrate to your woman that you are strong and sexually confident, you must lead your woman in the bedroom.

Real men lead in the bedroom, whereas weak men expect their women to take the lead.

2. Use Your Voice

For women, sex is very mental. You must stimulate your woman’s mind in order to sexually satisfy her and give her ORGASMS.

To stimulate her mind in the bedroom, do what bad boys do and talk dirty.

3. Make The Sex Different Every Time

Many women end up bored of the sex that they have with their man.

That’s why they often stop wanting to have sex, or they look elsewhere for it. “Yes”, some women do cheat.

One thing bad boys do well is that they make the sex interesting, exciting and fun every time. They do this by making it different every time. If you want to keep your woman loyal and satisfy her, you should do the same.

4. Be Dominant

Ninety-nine percent of women are sexually submissive.

Now that you know that fact, use dominance to ‘blow your woman’s mind’ in the bedroom and get her turned on, hot and wet for you in a way you never thought possible.

Here’s an example of being dominant that your woman will love (don’t read this if you are easily shocked – but please carry on if you want to be a real man who is able to please any woman in the bedroom)…

– Whilst doing your woman from behind, doggy style:

grab her hair, spank her ass and talk dirty to her.

Try saying this to her:

“Baby, you love it when I’m inside you and I take you from behind”

If you’ve never done anything like this before, I fully understand that you might be a little worried about trying it.


Real men take risks and real men know how to satisfy their women. Intelligent, emotionally healthy women love it when their man is dominant. So you must BE DOMINANT in the bedroom.

5. Give Her Orgasms

30% of women have never had an orgasm.

70% of women have never had a vaginal orgasm (most women are dependent on their clitoris being stimulated in order for them to come).

Clearly most men are clueless in the bedroom.

Bad boys on the other hand, are often great in the bedroom because they give their women the best orgasms of their lives.

Do whatever you have to do – just make sure you are giving your woman orgasms. Your woman needs orgasms.

Use these 5 things that bad boys do to take your ‘bedroom skills’ up a notch and put a huge smile on your woman’s face – she needs, craves and wants you to do all these things. Period.

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