The right patio dining set can make a deck go from dull to dazzling just like that. But aside from the basic table and chairs setup, there are a number of accessories that can add charm and convenience to the general operations.

A lot of patio chairs, especially wrought iron and other metals, come with attachable cushions to add an extra measure of comfort to the necessary hard yet durable frames. Even if a chair doesn’t automatically come with one, you’re able to buy cushions for almost any patio seating. These cushions are stuffed with polyfill and their covers are tough, rip-proof and waterproof. They can either cover the length of the chair from headrest to seat, or simple the seat only. Typically, they tie to the backs of chairs, or some other easy to remove method so that cushions can be cleaned separately from the rest of the chair. Also, like indoor furniture cushions, they come in countless colors and prints and can really make your outdoor d├ęcor pop.

A rolling cart is one piece of mobile furniture that won’t take up a lot of space but can really add something to your dining set. These simple carts, made from wood, metal, etc. have one or two shelves and operate by a push bar. There are some with only two wheels on them. The purpose of these is so that the cart doesn’t rolling around in place, and operates simply like a wheelbarrow, by lifting the end without wheels. The carts that have four wheels generally have two smaller and two larger, all terrain wheels for rolling over grass and bumpy bits of ground.

A patio umbrella is as functional as it is attractive. Pair one with your patio dining set to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, relentless sun, and rainy days. The two most basic forms of umbrella are tableside and freestanding. The freestanding umbrellas are generally taller stay upright by being attached to a heavy base. There are also table umbrellas which fit into a pre-made hole in the table’s surface. Both kinds work equally well. From here, they are further categorized as being either manually operated or automatic. Manual umbrellas must be opened by hand, usually by a basic rope pulley mechanism. Once open, they normally secure with a peg and hole. An automatic umbrella opens with a crank or button, and there are also auto tilt umbrellas which operate the same way, but tilt further than straight up and down. Once open, these umbrellas can be adjusted to tilt in various directions so that the direction of the shade can be controlled as the sun crosses from east to west.

Although it’s not technically a part of the patio dining set, a planter box or two is just as important, since it beautifies the surrounding area and adds natural ambience. These are made from wood, metal, concrete, stone, and resin. Within you can plant a number of things, like flowers, bushes, herbs and small vegetables. They’re perfect for urban areas and making the garden come to you. Having a salad caprese with your evening meal? Reach over and pluck some fresh basil from your planter box.

A patio dining set is just the first step in completing your backyard designs. The fun part of decorating is the addition of accessories, decorations and those things which personalize and make your space your own.

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