Are you building a new home and need to install a new driveway? Do you already have a home but your existing driveway is in horrible condition and needs to be replaced? Whatever the case, you need to choose the right material. You want a driveway that looks good, can be easily maintained and is easy to repair when damaged. Here are a few options you can choose from.

Paver Driveway

A paver driveway consists of individual interlocking paving stones. These paving stones are made of concrete and can be laid out in any pattern you choose. You can even alternate different colored pavers to achieve the desired pattern. Pavers don’t require any mortar, though they do require a stable subbase to prevent movement. A paver driveway is an inexpensive solution, though it is probably the least durable.

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is also known as bitumen. This material is usually pitch mixed with sand and gravel. Asphalt is heated until it is in a semi-liquid form, then poured in place. When the asphalt cools, it becomes as hard as the surface of a road. Asphalt is a great choice for your driveway. It’s very durable, capable of lasting three to four decades. Asphalt is also easily repaired. When damaged, you just have to contact a company that does asphalt patching Pittsburgh PA.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is made up of water, sand and cement. It is mixed together as a wet solution, then poured into a frame. Once poured and properly set, concrete is a good solution for a driveway and is very low maintenance. While a good solution, it is the most expensive method on this list. One drawback to concrete is its potential for decay. If your concrete becomes damaged, it can be costly to repair.

As you consider the best material for your new driveway, consult builders in your area. Find out what works best for the climate you live in. Try one of these three material options and enjoy your new driveway.