With a rise in barn, warehouse and industrial unit conversions, there has been a general trend towards an industrial look for interiors. Fitting in with today’s focus on recycling and repurposing, you don’t need to be living in a conversion to create an industrial-looking interior in your home. Let’s look at some tips to help you obtain this look.


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Rustic metals

Once commonly exposed in plumbing and lighting fixtures, metalwork pipes have been covered up in most modern homes. Consider using attractive brushed copper and cast iron and leave pipework exposed to make a feature of the fixtures to give an industrial look. Nickel, brass and less high-shine metals are becoming increasingly popular in creating an industrial look.

Mix and match

Rustic wood and brushed or polished metals pair beautifully. The kitchen is the perfect place to mix these materials, contrasting rich aged wood on cabinets, worktops or island tops with polished or brushed metal on handles, bar stools or light fittings to create a sophisticated, modern feel.


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When it comes to practical aspects such as gas central heating, it can be a shame to let down the look with plain white panelled radiators. It is possible to get industrial-looking modern column radiators, which provide efficient heating with the industrial style. You may wonder can you choose sizes for column radiators? The answer is yes, making them perfect for whatever space you have and can be a real feature in any room.


Lighting is another area where you can really make a statement for an industrial look. Using metal fittings with metal shades looks stylish; alternatively, a new trend that really fits in with the industrial look is to forget the shade and expose the bulb. There is a wide range of beautiful bulbs available in varying sizes and with different filament styles, including energy efficient bulbs.

Colour palette

To stay with the industrial feel, keep your colour palette industrial. Choose the same colours as the rustic materials you are using, such as shades of grey to match the metal.

Remember that the industrial look is not about everything matching neatly; instead, it is about having a rustic and raw look to your interior. Pick the areas you want to focus on and really enjoy making a feature of them.