Women naturally want to have sex with ALPHA MALES (strong men – men who are leaders). Therefore, if you want to know how to give your woman mind-blowing orgasms and totally satisfy her in the bedroom, you must behave like an alpha male.

Here’s exactly… how to behave like an alpha male in the bedroom and give your woman outrageous orgasms:

There are 5 main ways you must do this:

1. Take Control And Lead Your Woman

An alpha male takes control and leads his woman in the bedroom.

You must do the same.

Never ask your woman for sex and don’t even think about begging for it – that’s just lame.

As a strong man, a man who your woman RESPECTS and is sexually attracted to – it is your job to instigate the sex.

2. Use Your Voice And Talk Dirty

If you want to give your woman outrageous orgasms, the kind that cause her to dig her finger nails into your back, scream your name and come so hard it leaves a smile on her face for the next week – YOU MUST TALK DIRTY.

This is because sex is very mental for a woman and in order for her to orgasm; you must stimulate her body AND HER MIND.

3. Be A Little Rough

Listen, the romantic movies may show you scenes of soft, slow, gentle love-making BUT the reality is that most women want a man who is a little rough in the bedroom, at least some of the time.

Try using the doggy style position and use hard, deep strokes – TALK DIRTY to her as you do it and see what happens. She’ll love it. I guarantee it.

You just have to be man enough to give it a go.

4. Change Things Up And Keep It Interesting

Most men are painfully boring in the bedroom and it shows. Why else do so many women get bored of the sex and stop wanting it when they are in a relationship?

An alpha male knows that in order to keep a woman interested in sex and cause her to have orgasms, he must MAKE THE SEX INTERESTING.

This is easier to do than you may have previously thought. For example…

– One night, take your woman to the bedroom and make love using the missionary position and doggy style

– Next time, take her to the bathroom, lift her onto the sink and have naughty sex right there

– Another time, lean her over the sofa in the lounge, pull her knickers to one side and treat her like your naughty little girl. (Feel free to call her “your naughty little girl” as you do it – she’ll get more excited than you could ever imagine)

See? With a little imagination, IT IS very easy to keep things interesting in the bedroom.

5. Make Sure You Give Her Orgasms

An alpha male’s greatest pleasure in life is to PLEASE HIS WOMAN.

Make sure yours is too.

Once it is, you will never ‘take’ without ‘giving’ in the bedroom. A man who makes love to his woman and forgets to make her come is a silly man because sooner or later his woman will stop wanting sex.

The bottom line is… you have to give your woman ORGASMS. If you can make them outrageous – that’s all the better.

When you behave like an alpha male and TAKE CONTROL, talk dirty, GET A LITTLE ROUGH and keep things interesting in the bedroom – the orgasms should follow. If they don’t, you need to change your strategy. Try using the ‘Welcomed Method’ and the ‘Deep Spot Method’ to give your woman orgasms. Those techniques work every time.

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