There was once a time in your relationship with your spouse when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. A kiss was always special, you both got restless when you were apart, and you could not wait to be in each other’s arms.

So does it make you wonder sometimes where have all that passion gone? Now it seems like private moments are just another thing on your do list. Is there hope for a ho-hum marriage? Of course, there is, that is if you and your spouse are both willing to work on bringing back romance and passion into your relationship. Oftentimes, it is the demands of daily living that put a strain on your relationship and can make the fire of enthusiasm dwindle.

Demands from children and work, stress over finances, daily frustrations are often the culprits that push your relationship back into the long line of priorities that you have to deal with everyday. The only way to get the flame back, really, is to commit to finding quality time with each other. This means private time, away from the other hundred things that you have to pay attention to, and all the mundane daily tasks that need to be done. You can do this by having a weekend away from the kids and other distractions like phone calls from the boss. Check in at your favorite hotel or a place distant from where you are staying, preferably a place where there is not much to do except enjoy each other’s company.

You can do a lock-in with your spouse at the honeymoon suite of your favorite hotel, where you would have to keep the door locked for the weekend. Bring back the vigor in your sex life by spending time away from all the usual demands of your life and focus on giving your spouse pleasure. You can share a couple’s massage in some nice and relaxing spa, or you can also simply buy some aromatic oils and give each other massages.

Before heading back home, you can go to a coffee shop and spend some time discussing whatever made your relationship fall into a boring rut. This is not a time to be putting blame on each other, but just a period of reflection which will make you both understand mistakes that you should prevent from happening again.

Two of those distractions in the bedroom are the television and the computer. So when you get home, you should try to switch off both every time you want some private moments with your spouse.

The secret to a long lasting, passionate relationship is devoting time for one another. This may not come easy when you have children, but even a weekly dinner date is sometimes enough to reconnect and nurture the relationship.

Take the time for each other. Consider this as one way to ensure a long lasting, divorce-free marriage that will grow stronger each year.

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