There will be times when you want to have sex, and when you don’t. What controls this is normally labeled your libido, or more commonly known as your sex drive. The purpose of this article is to give you natural methods of increasing it.

The most natural way of increasing your libido, is to stay healthy. The main factors that can affect it are how much energy you have, so eating healthily will start to improve your sex drive. Try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, instead of junk food like chips and burgers, and you’ll find you have a lot more energy. Below is a short list of suggested natural aphrodisiacs you can eat. Try making a meal out of them before bedtime to help improve your drive.

Ginger root — This can be eaten cooked or raw and provides an excellent stimulant in the bedroom.
Chilies — As these increase the beating of the heart, they provide as a great aphrodisiac.
Bananas — Bananas are rich in phosphorus, potassium and b vitamins. All of these help aid your libido.
Oysters — These are the sex aids that nearly everyone has heard about. Due to their texture and the fact that they are high in protein levels, they give you a lot of energy, boosting your libido for the bedroom.
Nutmeg — Nutmeg has been used as a sexual aphrodisiac for a long time.
Pine nuts — These contain Zinc, a necessary substance required for male potency. The use of these dates back to as far as medieval times.

The main hormone contributing to the male sex drive is your testosterone. Higher levels will increase your sex drive. One of the ways of doing this is to exercise. Regular exercise will increase your testosterone and thus increase your sex drive. It doesn’t have to be too extreme; a simple 20 to 30 minute walk a day will increase it. Exercising will also give you more energy, which again will help with your drive.

Getting a good night sleep can help to. If you’ve had a really bad night, you’re not exactly going to be in the mood for sex the next day, so stop going to bed so late. Try to regularize your sleeping patterns and you’ll feel a lot more energetic.

Stress can also be associated to your sex drive. Higher levels of stress will reduce your sex drive to an extreme low, so try to relax. Getting a massage can do wonders in removing stress, and if you get your partner to do it for you, you’ll be increasing the sexual tension between you, adding to your libido.

So when it comes to increasing your sex drive naturally, there are a few key points to remember. Firstly you need energy; secondly testosterone is the main hormone that controls it; and lastly it’s not going to work if you’re stressed so try to relax!

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