Landscape lighting can add enjoyment and safety to your home with minimal investment. For under $200, you can add a very simple and easy to install lighting system that can accent your home in ways that will enhance you and your guests’ experience. If you follow just a few simple steps, you can add a straightforward but beautiful element to your landscape that will add years of enjoyment for you and your family. You can visit landscape lighting houston tx website to find more information about the best landscape lighting in Houston, Texas.

Choosing the Power Source

The first step is selecting the type and of power source and voltage for your landscape lighting system. One option is to go with solar landscape lighting. It is inexpensive to purchase and has very little if any ongoing expenses in terms of monthly electricity. The only drawback is that they do not provide quite as much light as other systems. 

However, technology is getting better every year. There is 12-volt power, which is also very easy to install with wiring that can be buried 1/2″-1″ below the surface but does incur ongoing power costs. Another system to consider would be 110 volt systems. These require that the wiring be buried at least 18″ below grade inside the conduit. Low voltage or solar landscape lighting is going to be the best choice for most people.

Plan it Out

Next, spend an evening with a flashlight walking around the yard locating the areas that you will want to highlight with your landscape lighting. Some places to consider adding landscape lighting would include walkways, flower gardens, decks and patios, and around focal points such as water features or specimen trees. If it helps, you can sketch out a plan that is “to scale” (that is to a known scale), so you can get a better feel for the light locations and how they will impact the lighting of the whole yard as well as your neighbor’s yard.

Buy and Install

After deciding your locations and flagging them, count the total number of lights that you need to get a good estimation of your costs. If you are going with a 12-volt system, you will want to decide where you are going to plug your transformers into in terms of outlets.

Set your lights, run your wires to each light, bury the wiring under mulch or soil and be sure that your outlets are sealed from moisture to prevent damage to the system, and to ensure safety.

Usually, a homeowner can plan this project and install it in 8 hours or less, and that is including the time it takes to buy your materials. Landscape lighting is a great way to impact the way that your landscape is viewed and experienced. The investment that you will be making in terms of time and money will be well worth it.