Are you looking for a way to bring something new and naughty into your bedroom rituals? Nipple tassels and pasties are a great way to bring spice to your love life because very men are able to resist the image that these little things can help you create. Burlesque has become very popular over the past few years and these tassels and pasties will help you bring a lot of naughtiness to your bedroom.

You can wear them with pretty panties or a sexy thong in order to get an immediate and appreciative reaction from your partner. In case you feel that this is inadequate or that the look needs to be updated, there are a few other things you could wear along with your tassels.

It takes a very daring woman to wear only nipple tassels with panties and most women require a little more protection. You could wear these tassels with quarter-cup bras instead of alone and the effect will be truly amazing. Quarter-cup bras have a very sexy and stylish look because they cover only the bottom of the breast and not the nipples. A set of tassels peeking over the bra will have a devastating effect on your partner. The added advantage of wearing these special bras is that they provide your breast with support without covering any of the attractive parts!

Another way to have a completely different look with your tassels and pasties is to wear them with an under bust corset. A corset pulls your waist in tight, giving you an hourglass figure. They cover all the parts you want hidden while still exposing the breasts. Your tassels can be worn over the corset from where they can be displayed to your maximum advantage. This costs more money that a simple bra, but it also has a lot more uses because you can wear it outside the bedroom if you pair it with a suitable blouse or a dress.

You can easily find suitable nipple tassels as well as all types of lingerie if you look for them online. Tassels don’t cost a lot of money and are very easy to use. Buy ones that come with their own adhesive at the back so that you can wear them easily without harming your skin. Choose any number of accessories so that you can bring a lot of excitement to your bedroom and to your life.

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