Why are Laminates in the Kitchens Trending This Season?

Laminates are indeed an obvious surface covering element that is often used to decorate modular kitchens and enhance their beauty and style. However, the kitchen surfaces and cabinets are some of the most commonly used items in any Indian household. 

As kitchen spaces are actively used in everyday life, the surfaces that deal with coldness, hotness, knife scratches, stains, and many other things. That’s why both interior designers and modern-day homeowners install high-quality laminates which is a long-lasting material and helps to preserve the elegant look of the space. 

So, if you are planning to upgrade your kitchen, you should definitely think about using the most cost-effective and versatile material, and that is nothing other than kitchen laminates. Now, let’s understand a little bit more about the laminates.

What are Laminates?

Laminates and nothing but a little bit thicker option of sunmica – the material you might be familiar with for decorating surfaces. These laminate sheets are made of paper resins and plastics. That’s why they have a wide range of applications in almost every part of a household. 

Besides that, kitchen laminates are quite affordable and quite preferred by interior designers and homeowners. Alongside that, there are a few more amazing benefits of using laminates in the kitchen. 

Let’s now discuss some of the benefits of using kitchen laminates. 

Benefits of Using Kitchen Laminates:


As you are putting in your hard-earned money and time, you want to redecorate or upgrade your kitchen style in such a way that it lasts long. That’s why it is advisable to use durable materials like laminates. 

High-quality laminates can even last for decades, and people can even pass down their beautiful and stylish kitchen to the next generations. So, if you also want to invest in a material that is both durable and strong, laminates are the best option that you can select for your kitchens. 


There is no doubt that laminates are easy to maintain. It is also one of the main reasons behind their immense popularity. Laminate sheets come with great properties like antibacterial resistance, anti-scratch properties, moisture resistance, and antifungal resistance. 

Moreover, you can clean laminate sheets easily with a soft piece of cloth or a sponge without much hassle. You can use liquid cleansers with a low chemical concentration or water to clean cooking stains. 

Waterproof and Non-Porous:

Another great feature of laminate sheets is that they are resistant to moisture and water. So, laminates are often installed in the kitchen countertops. 

If you also install laminates in your kitchen, the waterproof and non-porous nature of the laminates allows you to use them freely. Minor water accidents like water spillings, overflow, splashing water accidents, and leakage can always happen. However, you do not have to worry about your laminates if you install waterproof laminates. Also, you can keep your wet utensils on the laminate surfaces without damaging your laminates. 


Laminates are highly customisable, so you can create your own designs according to your taste. Interior designers use these highly customisable laminates to bring out the most stylish and unique appeal and feel. 

As a homeowner, you must want to design your kitchen as per your taste and choice. So, you should select the laminates that will match your taste and help you to focus and cook unique and delicious dishes for your friends and family. 

Now, let’s discuss some trendy kitchen laminate ideas that you can consider implementing in your kitchen. 

Some Trendy Kitchen Laminate Ideas:

Floral Prints: Floral-printed laminates can add a beautiful touch of charm and elegance. So, they are great as kitchen laminates, offering an inviting and warm feeling. 

Textured Finishes: These kinds of kitchen laminates allow to add depth and interest to any kitchen space, providing more dynamic and interesting appeal. 

Metallic Finishes: Metallic-finish laminates can offer a touch of class and sophistication within your cooking spaces, making them look more elegant. 

The Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have now understood why kitchen laminates are so in trend. So, if you want to redesign or beautify your old kitchen, you should totally think about using laminates. To get the best kinds of kitchen laminates, you should connect with a reliable brand like Royale Touche which offers high-quality laminates. 

By Rehan

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