A house incorporates not only building, porch or balcony but also integral components like furniture. Be it a living room or a bedroom, good furniture makes your room extremely trendy and habitable. It will interest you to know that the type of range of furniture that you use can entirely change the look or theme of your home.

For instance, if you are using heavy, traditional bedroom furniture in your bedroom then it will give a classic look to your room. As a result, people who are looking for the heavy and classic look for traditional furniture whereas people looking for the spacious and trendy look, go for the more contemporary and stylish furniture.

Wide Range to Select from

With the greatest range of furniture, one can easily opt for his choice in the nearest showroom. Most popular handmade furniture is also in rife due to their increasing popularity among the common mass. People are now becoming more quality conscious and look for the best and unique items for their home. Apart from bedroom lines of furniture, you can see a variety of wood used in-

dressing table

chest of drawer



garden swings

small chairs

wooden decorative items

These and many more can be easily spotted in the market selling like hot cakes nowadays. The tough quality of walnut, oak, rosewood, teak and shesham provides the perfect furniture for bedroom, living room and porch. Soft woods like cedar, hemlock, pine and redwood are used for drawers, wardrobes and small stools. The exquisite range of mahogany has already cast its spell on the buyer with its classic dark cherry red colour and tough quality.

From standard beds to platform beds, new and innovative designs and patterns are emerging day by day. This has remarkably provided the buyers an elephantine range of options to choose from. The great range in children beds and baby cots can also be easily found in such good quality wood.

Adorning your home to the core, these beautiful sleigh, canopy or poster beds can be a marvelous option.

You can experiment more with your customized set of designs that you would like to craft out of various range of wood according to your choice.

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